%chance needs weapon damage?

Kymons augment (15% chance to decrease enemy´s dmg by 10%) -> Does it need weapon damage?


This particular one is a weapon effect (reduce enemy damage on weapon hit). It has nothing to do with %chance, though.

How does one know such thing anyway?

All “special effects” that debuff an enemy are weapon-based ( reducing resist, DA, damage, stun him, etc).

Srsly? Combustion band - chance on 8% -rr: For sure without WD… !

I meant “global” stat. RR on Eternal band, for example.

When stat is listed on skill, it applies to that skill only, and without the need of WD.
And on Combustion band, 8% RR is listed on skill. So it’s applied to an enemy, affected by that skill.

Aaaah! I C now. THX alot!