Change hardcore mechanic to be defiler proof ?

Okay, it’s not a secret that people use tools to resurrect hardcode characters. Which makes having a hardcore character less honorable. For the record, I don’t have any hardcore characters.

I suggest to change hardcode mechanic to make those tools obsolete, and still keep the challenge, 2 options for your consideration:

#1. Instead of permanently dying, have GD exit to the main menu, so if you took effort to fight through a series of monsters and then died to the main boss, you’ll need to fight through them again, if you decide to continue. +you lose XP, which you can’t reclaim - same as softcore.

#2. A more strict version of this would be doing a rollback of your character to a point before your session started. Simply put, if you played for 2 hours and your char died in hardcore, you just lost those 2 hours (but not the 100 you put earlier). You return to the main menu same as option #1. This is preferred for multi-player, because with #1 the world map is “owned” by host, you can simply rejoin and continue.

Hopefully, this would bring more fun and more players into hardcore and make it shine again.

Imo, the solution should be :

super-hardcore: deletes your character file the moment you die.
not-so-hardcore: turns your character into a softie on death, basically like how it works in POE.

I’m not sure if your options are possible, honestly.

Poster has no hardcore characters, doesn’t mention wanting to play hardcore - why are they making suggestions about hardcore? :confused:

Neither of those proposals (nor any other feasible solution) will prevent people from cheating if they want to cheat. The character data is stored client side and there’s no way to prevent people from just copying a character file to a safe directory whenever they want.

Grim Dawn is not a server-side game thus there’s no meaningful way to control what players do with their character data. You’ll need to either get used to that or find a different game that suits you better.

Yeah, I’m just confused…

People will always find a way around imposed drawbacks if they want to.

If people playing HC don’t consider reviving their dead characters to be cheating, what do I care?

I like this idea. This way you don’t lose your effort.

Poster has no hardcore characters, doesn’t mention wanting to play hardcore - why are they making suggestions about hardcore? :confused:

With the current hardcode mechanics, this is too hardcore for me. I would assume many people think the same way. My suggestion could be a slider instead, i.e. level of hardcore, and would certainly bring more variety into the game.

prevent people from cheating if they want to cheat?

If you make laws that appeal to more people, then more people will follow them. Here is how one may cheat: save character before playing and restore if they died in HC, right? Now consider this, if the game saved a character for you, you wouldn’t need to go through all the hoops. It’s exactly the same as manual character backup, except now it’s automatic.

If someone prefers to cheat because they have more fun this way, it’s their style of play, game should allow them to do it. Otherwise they’ll cheat anyway, just not telling you. You’ll have to trust my word on this, I never cheated on my lvl 76 sorcerer, even with stash copy (item duplication, whatever it’s called). But I’ve seen many people in GD multiplayer do it and they don’t consider it cheating. Most Diablo 1/2 players I knew considered this to be perfectly fine. Where I’m going with this - everyone has their own definition of fair play.

play SC, as long as you have 0 deaths, consider yourself HC :wink:

^ This. Based on your posts, you should play soft core. Implement your own rules and abide by them. The bonus to this method is you can create your own rules and start playing - no need to wait for anyone to do anything. :slight_smile:

50 deaths and counting. Ultimate helps a lot. Hope that explains my responses. :smiley:

What I learnt from this topic, is that unifying SC <-> HC would be a useful.
As long as you have 0 deaths, you are considered hardcore, die once and become softcore, continue as SC from that point.
Should be fairly simple to implement and doesn’t change much for current hardcore characters. Makes it easier for people evaluating HC.

Such a thing is not only pointless to implement because you can already do exactly what you are referring to in softcore, but also completely undermines the entire point of hardcore - the risk. Cheating undermines that as well but if people want to cheat then that is their prerogative. It doesn’t mean the actual game design should undermine it as well.

There is absolutely zero reason to invest even a tiny fraction of a millisecond of a dev’s time on this made up issue.

As others stated before, it is stored client side. No way to make it proof, and honestly there is little reason to do so. I think it is up to each player to decide if they want to play hardcore the way it was meant to be or not.