Changelog question: how does point-blank Blade Spirit penalty interact w/ DoTs?

From Public Test Changelog: V1.1.9.2

Blade Spirit: reduced damage scaling with rank. Innate blade burst ability now has a point-blank damage penalty and reduced Bleed damage.

I know base bleed numbers here are reduced, but my question is whether or not the “point-blank damage penalty” is implemented in such a way that Blade Spirit DoTs (bleed, frostburn, etc.) applied in close range also incur this penalty.

Also, a similar question:
Blades of Wrath devotion proc also got a point-blank damage penalty and can apply DoTs via its 20% weapon damage. How (if at all) does this penalty affect these DoTs? At only 20% weapon damage, it doesn’t matter much, as you’ll probably be applying higher %weapon damage via other means, but still, it’d be nice to know. I assume both questions have the same answer(?).

DoTs from same source don’t stack, so there should be no issue i think - flat dmg reduction only i guess

I don’t know about Blade Spirit but when I tested Rune of Hagarrad at one point, i vividly recall it dealing less Frostburn to the training dummy ontop of the detonation point which when calculated lined up with it’s point-blank reduction as well.

I know that. :slightly_smiling_face: The issue I’d like clarified is whether the penalty limits projectile stacks (nerfing shotgun effect but not DoTs), is a Blade Spirit proximity nerf (e.g. -25% to blade burst damage if enemy is within X meters of/touching part of Blade Spirit) or is implemented some other way. My guess is that DoTs are unaffected by the penalty (edit: in light of RoH info from @Evil_Baka above, maybe they are) but it’d be nice to have confirmation from Devs.

I think you might be misunderstanding the change. Blade Spirit has two abilities - Whirling Blades and Blade Eruption.

  • Whirling Blades is a passive AoE attack it casts that damages all nearby enemies and stacks between Blade Spirits - it’s not a debuff mechanically but acts like one. The easiest way to verify this is by standing next to a training dummy with 1 Blade Spirit active and noting the Bleed damage the dummy takes, then repeating it with 2 Spirits.

  • Blade Eruption is the projectile nova it periodically fires just like Blades of Wrath. To my knowledge, both this and Blades of Wrath received the point-blank damage penalty which includes any DoT damage they deal both on Blade Eruption on and Blade of Wrath’s weapon damage.

If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.


It’s basically this that I’m wondering about. There are various ways one could conceivably implement this penalty that may or may not effect DoTs.

Given this information, though,

it sounds like it’s likely that DoTs are affected.

Edit: Now I see what you mean by “misunderstanding.”

Whirling blades DoT should be unaffected. I’d assumed Blade Eruption had an innate bleed DoT component like Whirling Blades, but maybe not? In any case, the note in the changelog on Scarab Shell

Scarab Shell: fixed an issue where the Blade Spirit modifiers were not applying to all of the Blade Spirit’s damage sources

makes it sound like at least the bleed mod from Scarab Shell might also now apply to Blade Eruption in some way (if it didn’t already), but maybe I’m misinterpreting that.

Are there base stats for the Blade Eruption attack somewhere? In-game tooltips and grimtools only show Whirling Blades.

They both applied Bleed before that stacked, and this also stacked for every Blade Spirit - 4 Blade Spirits for example meant you would apply 4 lots of Whirling Blades and Blade Eruption’s DoT, hence why it was so potent.

Previously, i was curious and tested this last year and found that Scarab Shell’s Bleed was only applying on Blade Eruption. I thought this was intended but apparently not :man_shrugging:. So now, it should also apply on Whirling Blades as well.

In grimtools, try toggling the option to show all pet attributes and attacks.

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Lots of great info; thanks!

There’s always a toggle option, isn’t there? :sweat_smile:

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