Changes to Mythical Crimson Spike

I know that I just missed the big thread. Oh well.

This item is a weapon for an ugly duckling archetype. Naturally, I adore it. Vit DW tricksters are too slow for crucible but I’ve always toyed with them passably in SR. However, the morgoneth set has displaced this weapon imo.

Others who have tested vit DW tricksters will have no doubt also concluded that double bloodrender is optimal. Still, converting RoS to vit was fun and at least an option.

Morgoneth set with 1x prime ring and decent rolls is converting all pierce to vit, and is also unquestionably the best armour for this novelty archetype. This means that building a vit trickster around crimson spike is even more redundant than double bloodrender than it was before.

These builds struggle with raw DPS, and are now using shadow strike more heavily because of the set. This means that vitality DW trickster really, really wants lots of flat vit to take advantage of great WD scaling in its skills.

My idea is therefore to replace the RoS conversion (or just add a new line) with some measure of acid/cold - > vit to the lethal assault buff (if this is possible? Maybe pneuma?) This gives the build a lot more flat vit and also keeps the nightblade emphasis. To eliminate risk of OP-ness to demonslayer having extra cold to vit,despite the sacrifice of offhand, this could perhaps be limited to acid->vit only.

Thoughts? I know this archetype will never really shine, but it deserves some love. It’s dear to my heart.


In some other thread someone noted if you really wants to be be known as build master you have to make vitality Trickster working and I made joke about doing PB Trickster. Anyway the idea is that vitality DW Trickster is pretty tricky concept. But Morgoneth can allow some melee/caster vitality hybrid, pretty interesting idea to explore.

So not sure if Crimson Spike is worth there but stats on weapon are pretty underwhelming for sure. Although Bloodrender isn’t good weapon too. For example my pure melee Ritualist performance was better with Dual Decree of Malmouth.

So your thread gave me lots of food for thought. Vitality LA, hmmm.


Yeah I have been experimenting with it for a long time, it is very hard to get good results… Not surprised it is being memed :sweat_smile:. Ritualist is most certainly better (vit melee still meh, but better).

RR is no longer really an issue with the addition of morgo set (extremely easy to get 120+ on trickster), but good sources of flat dmg are troublesome. Set is converting pierce on NB WPS but is too point starved to invest them to benefit from much other than %wd on them at rank 5. Blood pact is nice when hardcapped but that necessitates wendigomane pants, and then you have attack speed problems without battlecry. And if you don’t hardcap BP you get stuck in the part with the most poor returns. So LA seems like a good way to sneak some in… But the build is also stretched thin and a bit piano, as it is, so hard to say if converting LA flat is really the answer. Just an option!


:thinking: DW Crimson Spike + Dark One’s set would probably make the highest-sustain/tankiest character on planet Earth, the damage with that spec won’t be as high if you compare it with other weapons - but still … the healing will be insane.

I don’t have any spare time to write more about it (I should be asleep), but something I came up with - sample DW Vit Trickster could look something like this (<- rough draft, so feel free to move around skills, also this link doesnt have any augments)

But in essence, stack lots of flat vitality damage (like ~185 and 64% adcth with blood pact on) and use Savagery/WPS and wendigo totem/ring of steel for aoe - you’re right about the attack speed, it is very low

Theorycrafted a Conjurer/Ritualist like that. Sustain seems super crazy on paper, but it will have less phys res (and dmg) than e.g. Nightbringer.

Edit: I feel like to make it good for vit trickster it needs sth like either cold -> vit to execution, lightning -> vit conversion to savagery or vit RR to veil of shadow.


I’ve been asking for changes on it since last year. I’d wait for the patch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



100% I noticed the same thing, and I don’t know how you’d fix it - with a fully defensive spec and dual-wield Crimson Spikes, the base damage is pretty damn low and feels super slow - but with the offensive spec, you seem still tanky (via sustain) but it’s prone to dying as soon as you lose the sustain and can be bursted down doing stuff like naked crucible, high SR, Crate/Callagadra.

I have a build with dual Crimson Spike and i’ve been testing it since As stated above, it should be a hell of a tank on paper but in reality it folds due to low dmg and vitality base. Kiting is required, performance is not great.

Oooo very exciting :smile: