Changing skill animations/colours


I know this is probably a long shot… but I wonder if it is possible to edit skill animations or colours, for aesthetic purposes?

For my latest char I’m working on a 2H aether spellbinder. I’m probably not alone in loving the aesthetic of the aether.

Anyway, I can’t overlook the Ravenous Earth skill, and I know this sounds crazy, but green poisonous balls spewing everywhere just doesn’t fit the aesthetic. It’d be cool to be able to “transmute” it into aether.

I wonder where to begin with a mod like this?


You could just convert all acid to aether or add aether damage to the balls causing it to look aethery.
Or you could remove that portion of the skill!

However if you really want to mod it, I’m not sure where to begin.

I don’t think you understand what causes skills to change colors in Grim Dawn.
Particularly the things you mentioned do not (I mean global conversion).
Only skills modifiers like 100% Acid/Vitality Damage converted to Aether Damage could change it
(if it was intentionally made by Crate’s artists and programmers because not all of them do) but they do not exist for RE.
You can only change to RE’s animation to Fiery in-game (maybe to yellow Physical too but I’m 90% sure not just don’t remember)

Unfortunately damage conversion won’t change animations unless it’s pre-programmed to do so (e.g. Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Siphon Souls).

But don’t worry guys, I’ve decided I’ll spec out of this skill later, but right now it’s great for leveling. Revenant is actually the perfect replacer for the RR on this build :relaxed:

Now if only there was a way to disable IEE’s damn blue attack animation, since it overrides the beautiful aether effects that a Wrathmourne illusion adds to every sword swing… :thinking:

You need different Reduced Target’s Res than RE anyway because it’s only working on kill which means it’s useless on bosses for example.

I have another query… I wonder if it is possible to disable the Hellfire mine animation modifier? I prefer the base Thermite mine look. The Hellfire mine is TOO PINK!

A strange request I know, but the aesthetics of the game are important to me :stuck_out_tongue: