Chaos melee build

I really fancy having a go at a chaos melee DW character but I’m not sure where to start. I’d appreciate some thoughts, opinions and suggested builds. Struggling to find synergies in Nightblade…but then again I’m probably missing something.

Thanks in advance.

A pure or even mostly chaos isn’t going to happen if you want to be powerful. You will be fire/chaos mix with a minor in lightning. Look at the tri-element sabatour by jajajaja, basic framework will be very similar, devotions and gear will just deviate. I am on phone, will try to get a grimcalc spec up. Are you fine using “vampire” devotion route?

Dang! I wasn’t sure what you were referring to by ‘vampire’ route so I searched. Found the other thread on Chaos melee now. Ooops sorry everyone.

In answer to your question, I’m happy to give anything a go.

Mostly Chaos DW melee can be done quite well, biggest issue is as always finding good consistent ways to break resists in late act 4. There are plenty of ways to do so tho. This is with Hungering Void level 3 & 7 Stacks of Beronath’s Fury.

Do you have a build for this? I couldn’t see this one on your profile.

I haven’t finished it yet is why it isn’t posted yet. Need to get another Leathery Hide (1 piece short). Fighting Benn’jahr with no stun or entrapment resists was a 4minute nightmare. Think I spent more time stunned and entrapped then I did attacking him :slight_smile:

Will probably take the 3 points out of lion and max scales once I get the leathery hide.

Here is a quick grimcalc i threw together which should help, just need to work on getting at least a +1 all nightblade or all skills item. I would recommend stats go 15 to spirit, 5 to cunning, and rest to physique.

Thank you!