[Chaos Melee] Empyrion's Chosen DW-Melee Chaos Pyromancer

Now, Light of Empyrion has gained popularity due to the Crucible’s defense meta but it’s racial damage potential against chthonians gets overlooked a lot. So the guide is meant to show just how effective racial damage is.

I also included a Deceiver and MrTek’s Witch Hunter setup

1. Pyromancer - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dW9AQN

2. Deceiver - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPoRrjV

3. Witch Hunter (by MrTek) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25K5gKZ

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS9dxju_mLU

*Screenshot with Amarasta’s Blade Burst on LMB


What about Abomination?

Abominable Might’s On Death nature makes it favorable for Crucible purposes. It’s an excellent proc and making a Wepaon Damage based Chaos build for Crucible w/o Abomination is a waste. This applies to all Chaos builds and not just this one

Is 2 pc Harbinger better than Eldritch Gaze?

Despite the loss of the Eldritch Fire proc you gain a lot of flat damage which makes it worth it so yes it is better. But do remember that it’s not usable on the Pyromancer

Why not use Entropic Coil?

Initial call was to use Entropic Coil. But it’d have hurt the Fire->Chaos conversion on Light of Empyrion’s proc.
As usual go for maximum possible conversions values. With this you get 90-95% Fire to Chaos

What about getting Ishtak?

Ishtak is also an option for devotions. Pick it if you want but you loose out on damage which I don’t think is worth it

Can this work with Belgothian Relic and some other medal?

Medal can be replaced with Mythical Blood Sigil of Chthon. The proc on non-mythical version is a DPS boost as well. MoD is a solid choice with some tweaks
So yes it will work using Belgo relic and using one of three medals above.

Have you considered Thalonis’ MI?

The BiS Green weapon is debatable. I found these so I use these, I can’t speak for how good Thalonis’ sword might be since I never got a good one from him.

Can the Pyromancer work without Light of Empyrion?

The devotion for Pyromancer is using Empyrion to present a concept of using Racial damage part of the Constellation. One could very well use the Deceiver devotion setup on Pyromancer
The thing about Light of Empyrion on the Pyro is having it would mean the build uses items/devotions related to Korvaak, Empyrion and Chthon

Is Burning Void WPS usable here?

Haunted Steel/Seal of Blades can be replaced with Seal of the Void for more DPS. I went with the extra life steal

Is Korvaak’s Deception better than Malediction?

I like having an extra movement skill and the granted skill isn’t too shabby despite me lacking a shield. Chaos Strike won’t be worth wasting a component slot imo.
So yes when you take into account the plus skills, OA and DA i’d loose by going Malediction then Korvaak’s Deception is definitely better.

In Closing-

Credits to MrTek for an amazing and innovative approach to the Witch Hunter and also for making me realize Harbinger’s potential for melee playstyle.

If you are interested in a Chaos based Shield build then this guidemight interest you

I had a lot of fun with all these builds and I hope you guys enjoy them as well

Reserved /10char


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Dang you, Chthon…I’ve been secretly trying to get a DW melee pyro off the ground as well. Looking forward to updates. Thanks!

Fang of Chthon + Master’s Spellblade and some juicy DG Crit damage and your ready :wink:

Or maybe try this one and kill everyone in the name of Empyrion. :slight_smile:

Wow, 1st time I see here Empyrion`s build) Waiting when you done the post)

How does it survive against aetherials?

I hate Valbury, but i melt things in Plains of Strife.

I have Pyromancer (my 1st character, I abandoned it, never like it… well my build sux?) on level 64 and I have most of legendary items on your screen :> You probably save it from “Please type DELETE” o_O

Speaking of legendaries i’d love a build where Pretty Great Pants is useful :rolleyes:

Nice choice of amulet, sad that it will be nerfed in new patch. But instead Light of Empyrion will get better action.

-Light of Empyrion buff is meaningless since every build goes for either War Cry or Oleron’s Might.

-They’re for some reason nerfing Flame Touched and Blood of Dreeg’s OA returns.

-ADCtH return on this amulet is a little too much, trust me the nerf is kinda needed.

-CB nerfs don’t effect main campaign but they put you at risk in Crucible.

Overall, moving a few skill points and augments this build won’t get hit this patch.
I will update the screens if necessary, so don’t worry :wink:

So maybe would be better to replace Oleron’s Blood with something else??

-I plan to do that when i see how good that devotion is in practice

-Proposed changes would be to get Haunted Steel, replace Amulet with Empowered Essence and replace one Dread skull with Spark to solve our OA issues

-Downside would be that Oleron’s was a great way to proc Acid Spray.

Guide updated

Yeah, this build is severely lacking of skill points… Also you could put 1 point into CoF for using it as devotion`s activator.

-Yeah it is :slight_smile:

-I originally used CoF to activate devotions but then saw it as unnecessary extra click so removed the point

It’s not really a build-enabler, but I think if you have already capped your resistances and a BiS leg armor doesn’t exist these pants could be useful for the large CC they have.

Unfortunately these pants lack resistances, otherwise i’d have loved using them instead of Guardian legs