Chaos Warlord Start

Alright so I have been playing Oathkeeper and enjoying it, but have not really chosen a second class yet. I was thinking Warlord since I found the Sentinel of the Three armor and then remembered the Eldritch Gaze helm. I just have not the slightest idea on how to support it since I would want to focus on Cleave for the gross chaos damage that I have managed to get out of it from a Witchblade I had made using the same helm. Any advice or help on how to move forward using this armor set?

This is kind of what I was thinking but I feel like it would fall flat in the long run.

Sentiel: acid retal and Aegis of Menhir

I know that is most likely what the set was intended for, but I wanted to try a Warlord that is Chaos focused. Just need some direction with what I have.

Depends on what you want more - chaos damage? Or a warlord?

With the darkblaze amulet, you can convert all acid retal to chaos damage - but you need an occultist with that.

With the Warlord…it’s probably bust because I don’t see how you can possibly stack sufficient RR.

Maybe the rahzin amulet and necrosis relic might help.

EDIT: Rah’Zin ammy won’t help because I just remembered it adds RR to CoF. You’re probably going to need the divine conduit which give -15% RR to guardians

It’ll be shit. It’s basically warlock 2.0, no RR, looks good only on paper. If you want chaos based Oathkeeper, either go with Inquisitor or Demolitionist, because otherwise you’ll just deal no damage.

Here is a direction for you then: Go back and choose Inq or Demo so you get some chaos rr :wink:

It’s not entirely true that he can’t stack enough RR:

  1. -15% on ammy
  2. -15% on relic
  3. -18% from both rings
  4. -10% from ravager helm
  5. -10% on weapon component
  6. -35% from solael’s witchfire
  7. -28 from manticore

It’s possible. It’s just a pain in the ass, and you’ll have to give up flat damage, and relevant +skill points

EDIT: I’m also assuming poster of OP is a he

2nd EDIT: It’s not going to be an easy theorycraft, or even easy to itemize for. And it’s going to be a very weak build. BUT it should be able to beat main campaign with consumables, and if its fun for the author of the OP - then my advice is to go for it.

GD is a game. Enjoy it the way you want!

Just be sure to check your expectations, and be realistic about things.

I mean, he can stack it, but he’ll also waste some stuff he’d really want to use. I personally hate the Ravager’s hat, and I try to avoid it as much as possible, and moreover, its skill is triggered when you press the skill, so there’s another downside of that hat. Sometimes to make a build work you don’t only need RR, you need certain skills to make a particular build work (I had this issue with Obsidian Tremor, I picked as much RR as possible but the damage was shit, and when I sacrificed a touch of RR and picked other important, non-RR stuff, it’s become way better).

I completely agree mate. I’m just saying that he has options on this front.

Regardless of his itemisation however, the build will most likely be sub-par.

But it’s also not unheard of for people to do thematic builds just for the fun of it. e.g. classless builds