Chaotic forcewave possible.

I was looking for a chaos damage build that didn’t involve guns, since I have that angle covered already, and this is what I stumbled into while looking around.

It doesn’t look too good. Far too many gaps, no set bonuses, and not that much support in devotions (chaos support is spread between two third tier :frowning: devotions that have different alignment requirements)

Well, I’ll post it anyway and see if anyone has a thought about it’s viability.

I’ve been holding onto a build using thar weapon for awhile now… I think your post is the kick for me to get around to posting it. Ill give you some more detailed feedback on your GT link, and the weapon in general, once i make it home :smiley:

i did some changing in ur build i change weapon skill & devotion i did it fast so idk if it will help but i think it can be work chaos forcewave actualy its a great idea ty.

You just made it worse. Don’t put a physical weapon to a chaos build.

chaos forcewave work only with phisycal dmg so increase phscl dmg will help better then that weapon in his link. u have ti focus in chaos dmg + phscl.

Here’s something I like to call “the darkblaze juggernaut” (My character is named ImTheJuggernautBitch :smiley: )

Tbh there some problems with chaos builds in general and lack of supporting items as you said, but there definitely some successful builds out there for it!

As to the weapon its self, it really could use cast speed/attack speed added to it somewhere in the 12-16% range to make it more useful to a variety of builds. Secondly the skill cost itself can become prohibitive. If you have tried using it before you know just how fast it can drain ya! A small change, lowering the cost slightly, would go a long way.

Here’s a deceiver variant energy can be a bit of an issue on this one, but since it packs another -35 chaos resist things die way faster.

also if you plan on using that medal… a non mythical version will be much better, as it adds a ton of flat damage

I have to agree with x1x1x1x2. Juggernaut didn’t just offer Chaos damage via the weapon’s conversion/flat damage but also offered -15% Chaos RR.

Though, if you want to go Chaos Forcewave, I’m surprised neither you or xaade have thought about an Obsidian War Cleaver, literally made for it. Pretty easy to farm too if you do Bastion of Chaos runs and check the vendor.

u dont need to increas forcewave dmg if u want to ply chaos , increas forcewav dmg mean inscreas physcl dmg x)

as far as to your build trying for chaos forcewave… maybe something along these lines? I tried to stay away from greens

as to the idea of chaos forcewave… something like this maybe

I get why he did it… relying on abomination 50% chaos conversion to do the work. mouse over the damage in his link. ++ that weapon has cast speed.

but he does have points in both possession and oleron’s rage… only one works at a time

You want to increase Chaos, not physical cause you’re doing a chaos build. The 2 ways to do that are (1) use a weapon that does pure Chaos so the weapon damage component of forcewave deals pure chaos and (2) get a weapon that has a lot of phys>chaos conversion to convert the physical damage in forcewave to chaos. Stonefist has none of those. War Cleaver should be better.

Didn’t notice that. Still abomination activates on enemy death so it’s not as good as just straight up dealing chaos.

I agree, but it might make for an interesting crucible build.

And the axe probably would still be more dps in a equal setup.

Then you’re better off going with a physical FW build.

The conversion from physical to chaos is completely necessary. Stonefist rebuke doesn’t gel well.

You can compare the dummy killtime using both setups since you have GDstash.

Also just occured to me that a GG-rolled obsidian war cleaver is possibly BiS in this setup.

Might be worth exploring if you’re a dirty, scummy GDstasher like x1x1x1x2 and me.

P.S. Change the amulet to pestilence of dreeg. It’s craftable, and you might be able to roll one with chaos RR.

Thoughts on the gt link i made at the bottom of page 1? Its using that axe

You’ll be better off focusing on Obsidian Tremor (Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut mace which you use).

If you look at Forcewave:

2.8 sec cooldown,
165 weapon damage (tremor)
290,28 - 375,56 physical damage (tremor)
+320% physical damage
35% crit
25% attack speed slow

Obsidian Tremor:

55% WD
116 - 290 physical and chaos damage (which changes 157,76 ~ 178,64 - 394,4 ~ 446,6 chaos damage (depending on your weapon conversion)
25% crit damage

You have way more chaos damage with less effort. Sure, skill is shorter in range, but doesn’t cost any points and is a bit more expensive in mana. Moreover, you (most likely, never tested that skill) can hit with all 3 projectiles at once dealing triple damage.

you don’t need gdstash to get a decent axe, M.I.'s are retarded easy to farm. Just have to have the patience to run same content over and over.
Unlike legendary item’s you know exactly where to farm for the M.I. you want.

And why dont build around using Obsidian Tremor instead? It’s the same “forcewave”, actually, granted by weapon.