Character builder

Does anyone know if a website exists where you can plan your character, such as items, skills, and points while then being able to see the numbers on the other end?

The website called is actually exactly what I’m looking for, except for Grim Dawn.

I can’t post links since this is my first post or else I would link it.

Would be really cool if someone made one if it doesn’t exist.

Yes. There it is. You will need to make skills/stats/devotions in GrimCalc before.

I think what you’re looking for is Grim Calc.

You can’t plan items and you don’t see all the numbers, however.

I’m currently working on one, but it will be available only in a month or so, depending on how much free time I have. It’s like 70% finished, but still needs a lot of polishing and certain optimizations. On the bright side seems like it will be fully translated to several languages from the start (the ones currently supports)

That’s awesome to hear, keep up the work man!