Character/Class Suggestions

Ive been playing GD on and off since it was early access on steam. To date, have built a bunch of characters that are a blast to play, most recently a Vit Caster cabalist.

What I’m looking for next is something flashy and more blow stuff uppy.

I had a pretty baller commando for a while, tossed all his gear to a pyro, and then abandoned him when work got in the way for a while. Warder was fun but got boring when you just stood there like a goob waiting to win. Infiltrator is a blast to play, props to madlee for his guide. Pokemon pet build conjurer is pretty fun as well.

As I said, cabalist is fun to play but has started to feel like the warder, except I have to run away sometimes to let enemies dot themselves into oblivion.

I need something new to jam around with.

I am looking for build suggestions that meet the requirements of obtaining maximum destructification of the otherworldly beings inhabiting Cairn, as well as some of the more aggressive native species that probably would have been better off not standing on the only functional road to smugglers pass.

I am thinking PURIFIER looks pretty cool, but the longevity of the health bar looks to be a bit of a concern. The whole DW pistol concept looks fun, and any suggestions towards a destructastic build would be appreciated (I was actually looking to try a Chain lightening “Boogermancer” with this class, no idea as to viability).

TL;DR: PURIFIER, yay or nay? Chain lightening Oskill viable to stack? Other turbo fun ranged build recommendations?

Edit: Purifier…not inquisitor.

If you want check purifier Annie.In general purifiers have great synergy as ranged-fire strike,combined with Inquisitor wps,seal,heal and passive boost to attack speed,they deal fire damage.For lightning ranged best class is Vindicator.If you want just flash effects you can play caster relying on procs from items and devotions.