Character inventory from Main Menu

Dear Devs,

I was wondering if it would be possible (or practical) to make our characters’ inventory and item stash and item transfer available from the Main Menu. It would be incredibly useful for sorting our items and switching them (at least the tradable ones) between characters. As it is, it takes a very long time to locate a certain item. Also, I’m reluctant to use 3rd-party software for inventory management, as I like to keep my cloud save on.


Agreed, inventory management seems rather antiquated and clunky. I can see why the system is so closed though, particularly in multiplayer. If inventory management was very easy and unlimited you could guarantee that someone out there would make a market of loot farming and setting up shop and many would happily pay real money for that legendary set, effectively buying all the fun out of the game.

Of course, an inventory mod that allows you to generate and craft any items you wish is pretty darn joyless too. I like to stay away from mods as well, unless they enhance the game in a way that is faithful to the design or if i have spent a great deal of time with the original. If a game is so broken it needs fixing by mods I likely won’t play it.

No one would buy items with real money in gd, as the system is not closed at all. And mp and sp is the same in gd, there is nothing like closed bnet.

On topic, i support everything that helps with inventory management, as it is clunky as hell. I hate using third party tools as well, but i started using gdstash as it speeds up a lot. And it really helps. I avoid using any of the other functions though, as i would spoil the fun for myself

Rather pointless wouldn’t you say, in a fully moddable game where you can simply create as many of any item as you wish :wink:

Even a glimpse of the characters’ inventories from the Main Menu would be useful when I’m looking for a specific item either to trade or to use with a new character.

Yes, but I don’t think that would deter. As many who would dupe would not want to fuss with the mod software, importing etc. Easier to buy. I would wager that more than one or two legendary item has already been sold over that multiplayer window.

Also, can you even use modded characters and items in multiplayer and crucible? If so id need to deliberate before buying it. Nothing kills my interest in a game, of any kind, faster than a cheater.

Im going to have to disagree with the first part. Even having trade specific threads on here, Steam, and Discord it can still be a pain to find someone who has the item you’re looking for, who a.) plays MP to begin with and b.) not knowing if that item is “cheated” or modded in, or grabbed from GDSidekick to begin with.

On the note of GDSidekick, it literally takes 30 seconds to find the items you need and copy/ paste things. Way faster than trading. When i need end game items around lvl80+ and if after some farming if i don’t find any of them, i reward myself with one item i need. :wink:

As for being able to use modded or cheated characters in MP the answer is yes in all aspects. Its a fully mod-able game, if you don’t want to play with cheaters or moders than set a password and play with friends, or host the game and kick anyone you suspect of cheating. Crate cant do anything about this as GD doesn’t have/run on closed servers.

As pertaining to his question being about Crucible, it’s nontrivial to merge a mod with Crucible. You can still use edited characters with absurd stats and perfect items in it fine (although that kinda defeats the purpose), but mods themselves are unlikely to be present within the Crucible just by the nature of the beast.

Also, and there’s certainly bizarre edge-case exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking a modded client cannot join a non-modded game.

Yes, this is absolutely right. I should have been more specific :stuck_out_tongue: This is what i get for typing while also trying to wake up :rolleyes:

Do people really have these fears? I’m unsure why a guy who can create items would bother with trading.

Some people yes, i don’t. As i said, i frequently use GDSidekick myself. However there are some people who just hate everything about cheating, modding or using utilities and would rather not take the chance of getting the unlegit items :slight_smile:

In fact, about a year ago,i told a guy i could grab an item out of GDSidekick for him and he just straight up said “no, you are a cheater” then left the game :eek: I have more examples but im still trying to wake up :stuck_out_tongue:

Sort of nit picking, but can I please point out that there’s NO cheating in GD… The game is made to be fully moddable…yes that includes chars and stats.

If you want to only play with players that are using unmodded chars and or games that’s completely fine… host your own MP games and kick anyone that doesn’t match what you’re looking for and enjoy

But please stop insulting everyone that mods a game or a char by labelling them a cheater. They aren’t cheating they are playing the game in ONE of the ways that Crate made the game to be played

I won’t lie, ive played the first chapter so much and I have so many low level epics I have considered level editing a few to level 20. Its awful i can’t just swap out items. That low level stormcaller set cannot come off the character see. That’s who she is, and will be until she gets an empowered version. Same for the guardsman and the miasma mage. Non set pieces are grouped into a theme and are waiting on characters. It’s a sickness, and ill probably have to cheat to keep up.

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. :wink: Relax, im not judging, i just think games are built on rules. Not quite so bad since the multiplayer from what I know is built on co-op. Modding up is more like starting monopoly with everyone having double money several properties. But if somehow you were to pick out all the best no-level rare gear and make a run on the warden at less than level 11 for the achievement…that would just be un-fun in my book, and i wouldn’t want to play UNO with you.

This thread got derailed fast. I agree with OP’s idea. I know I’ve collected a lot of items spread through different characters. It’s definitely a good idea to be able to see my character’s inventory and stash on the main screen without having to load each character individually to see what each is carrying.

Thanks for putting it back on track :slight_smile:

I don’t know how complicated it would be to implement inventory management from the main menu, but, for now, I’d be happy even with viewing the inventories.

That is not so uncommon here. But i actually agree as well, I was just looking for some way to understand the decision to have it as it is rather than wish it was different. But if we are to have access to all stashes from the main screen with the ability to trade between them, wouldn’t it make sense to just have a single, large shared stash?