Character List Management idea

I’m sorry if this already exists but I haven’t figured out how to do it.

My idea is that soon a player if they have played Grim Dawn awhile might have quite a list of characters. Maybe if they’ve played regularly a couple of years they might have 20 characters. If they use mules to organize gear of course that will be much more. And if they play both in soft core and hard core then more.

My idea is a way to organize the list of names of characters. My most desired feature is to be able to organize the list. So if I want to move the ordering maybe some kind of click and drag arranging. That is my most desired feature. Organizing by soft core and hard core wold also be good. I LOVE how the HC characters have a visible aura to remind you. Alphabetizing would also be a nice feature. And finally if there was a way to ‘hide’ certain characters and then if needed access them to ‘unhide’. So several ideas. Most desired is to click and drag and change the order. Other ideas: arrange soft core and hard core, alphabetize, and ‘hide’ and ‘unhide’ characters from the list (in place of rashly deletes).

These are all of course quality of life improvements. I think it would be useful and noticeable.

The best way to have a clear overview of your characters I think would be to have the levels of your masteries and of the main skills.

This way, you could clearly see who does what among your builds.

Your tank for instance would be like “Soldier 40 (Blade Arc 18, Squad tactics 14) - Shaman 25 (Heart of the Wild 12, Upheaval 12)”, and you would exactly know straight away that this is your one-click no-brain tank, while the next build would have a list of ranged, area and debuffs spells and you would remember straight away that this is your piano caster.

Another way is to name your builds on their functions:
_ Tank 2H
_ Tank DW
_ Tank Charger
_ Tank Retaliation
_ Tank Necromancer