Character name change went wrong [Resolved]


I’m not sure where I could post it so please go easy on me (at least in this matter). I was looking for a possibility to change my toon’s name (character design idea changed - different skins and name, no overall rebuild). I heard that I could use GD Stash for this, so I tried it. After I did necessary changes in GD Stash, my toon disappeared from my game. I can’t access it to play with it. Did anyone have a similar issue and can help me restore my toon? The toon is still perfectly visible in GD Stash. Reverting name change didn’t help.

P.S. I use Steam platform to play.

Copy your character from saves to somewhere else (not GD related), open GD, create a character with the same name as the backed up character, exit the game and upload the backed up character.

Or disable Clown saving. I mean Cloud*.

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Thanks! Replacing newly created character with back up files worked. My Querebus joined Failbadon and Faildolon in my 30k Warhammer reworked! :smiley: