Character problem

I just bought new “patch” and I can’t create new character…
Everything was fine before i installed AoM. My game is in window mode, I can’t change any options, when I trying to create character there is just a little “flash” and nothing, same with game options. Any of you have that problem, solve that and know how to fix it? I already reinstall game and still nothing.


Try moving (so you have a backup) the options.txt file out of your %user%\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings\ folder and launching again.

in that folder I have “dxdiag” “keybindings” and “options” but this is like note folders only


This seems to be a problem with the new DX11 renderer.

See if any of that works.

for God sake… well yes I created new character. BUT I lost my old characters, AGAIN. 600+h is going to toilet. And when I created new character I cant change options. For example when I run game audio is full, I change that, quit game and when I run again its full. lol