Character randomly died

Hi, today I was playing with some friends grim dawn in veteran hardcore mode. We just reached darkvale valley and we found a shrine that drops loot, we finished up cleaning the spawned mobs and the mobs surrounding the shrine, we were all checking up the loot the shrine dropped. Around 1 min passed by, I was reading the stats of a new pair of gloves and then randomly my health started dropping and I could hear electricity attacking me (i had 80% lightning resist) next thing I know my character is dead. Funny thing is there were all 4 characters standing around the same spot, and only mine was bursted with no mobs around. After I disconnected, my friends stayed 15 min in the same spot looking for clues, and no source of damage was found.

Has someone had the same experience?

Sounds like the shrine by the entrance to the Darkvale Gate?

There is a unique boss to the far left of that shrine, “Zaria the Carver”
I usually attack and kill that boss BEFORE activating the shrine.

She does not do lightning damage though to my knowledge, but maybe you just cleared the shrine and did not see her?

Nah, Zaria is befoer entering the castle, I was actually past the castle, in the valley after it. It wasn´t the devotion shrines, it was one of those shrines that spawns monsters then drops loot (totem?) the ones that have a strange ball of vitality force on top.

The last few times this happened IIRC it was an aura on equipment that misfired and killed friendlies…

Like here: Item swapping kills me

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Now that you mentioned it, it did happen just after equipping some gloves! :open_mouth:

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