Cheers from Argentina!

hi guys! just bought the game on steam (after downloading a build from torrent, yeah i know, piratery sucks but i needed to know if my rig could handle it first…)

Most of the time i do that inb4 purchasing a game, sucks to live in a country where you can’t buy new hardware because of sky high import taxes, but i still buy ALL of my indie games because let’s face it, indie developers make the best games, AAA is pure bullshit nowadays…

I’m a rpg junkie, played between 7 and 8 years of diablo 2 and lots of hours into titan quest aswell and many more titles that you probabilly all know, currently playing diablo 3 but kinda burned out because of the end game lag (and the fact that i played over 450hs in a month or so…)

I’m gonna probabilly make another thread with questions about the game and stuff, just wanted to jump here and say hello!

PS: I know i don’t make the best first impression saying that i downloaded the game first but i didn’t wanted to throw my money to garbage, because you know what? we have taxes on videogames too! hope you guys understand :slight_smile: and sorry about my crappy english, isn’t my main language :slight_smile:

Hello krathoz,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn. For me it doesn’t really matter that you first downloaded the game to see if you system can handle it, gladly you can and you have purchased the game that’s all what matters :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup don’t worry krathoz… I pirated it as well at first but knew I was going to be buying it.

And look at me now, on the inter-webs I was a scurvy pirate and I didn’t even a own a proper parrot but here I am now a Pope of my own church.

Welcome to the forums

Isn’t that what steam refunds exist for now :wink:

Agreed with the rest, you bought it and support Crate that way, that’s what matters !!!

Welcome, and have fun with the game. It’s awesome, you’ll love it !!!

O yes, and I wouldn’t call your English crappy at all. No worries there …

well i never heard of that actually, makes sense that they include some way to refund the games.

Still, i remember not being able to play the expansion of titan quest because the fps drop was painfully high, so looking into the ¿end game? part of grim dawn made sense.

But i didn’t even played 5hs, i was hooked by the start and had to buy it in order to try the shaman class :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all for the welcome and for the understanding :smiley:

They changed their refund policy over the summer I believe. You can ask for a refund on games if you’ve played under 2 hours and owned it for less than two weeks.