Chief NATO Auditer found dead!

This world is screwed…

Rip planet.

Haven’t seen this on anything I would call a reliable news site, seen enough fake BS recently, so I take this with a grain of salt…

You are right about the world being screwed tho, the Donald will make sure of that.

this reliable enough for you?

Definitely better and doesn’t really say anything about what your first link showed right at the top, which was

Syrian army found warehouse full of weapons originating from central Europe (NATO) countries. Truck loads of weapons from AKs to Grad missile launchers. May be this guy was ready to say something …

Was the first thing I saw under the original link, none of this is mentioned at the new link at all… but then you link to the comments page (the actual article was just a short blurb though…)

The other lunatic comments on the original page also did not help :wink: e.g.

I read somewhere (can’t locate the article, atm) that the Obama administration has given the CIA the green-light to clean up all trails that connect terrorist arming and funding to the USA after realizing its failure of the Syrian invasion. The article focused mostly on taking out not only key rebel leaders, but also those suits tied to the bureaucracy,and those who might uncover that trail.