Choosing dual wield build for self-found help!

Hello again!
So I wanted to try and level up a dual wield build aswell.
My first build is a Warder usng savagery and focusing on physical damage.
Now I wanted to try out a dual wield build with very fast attack speed (kinda like a Titan Quest Conqueror build), and I was looking at builds and there are lots of options since it seems that anything is viable with Nightblade.
But I also have no gear whatsoever and so it will be a self-found build.
So, what would you guys suggest?
Maybe Soldier+Nightblade is more reliable as a self-found build?

Also I’m thinking about a sword+1h build but I still don’t know how to do that at the moment, thinking about the dual wield! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try cold spellbreaker or lightning trickster, I think for both of them there were examples of people doing it self-found

Could I have links to the threads?

Here is my self-found dual wield cold spellbreaker. I am not 85 yet, but there have been no issues for me through veteran, elite and the beginning of ultimate.

Looking at your build it looks like you use AoE skills more than you autoattack (no investment in Elemental Exchange)?

I tought an autoattack spellbreaker build would look more like this ?

You whant to have aoe. Trust me, i will say that without aoe you gonna strugle when you get abit in the act’s. You whant as mutch aoe that you can have to get big packs of mobs down asap. It’s many nice builds on the forum and many guid’s on youtube :slight_smile:

Then you’re saying that autoattack builds are bad?

Spellbreaker - check the comments in youtube for the build

Trickster - there is a self-found discussion in the thread

Not so many guides out there yet if you are looking for in-depth ones

Auto attack builds aren’t bad they work fine. You can get note then enough aoe through proc from gear and devotion.

Spellbreaker is probably best for true self found. Reason begin OFF is extremely broken. Freezes the entire screen.

No, they are not, for example:
Fire Strike Saboteur (Pure Fire): (just stack flat fire damage and %Fire).

Yeah but that’s not an autoattack skill :C

I miss my conqueror

How about nightblade+occultist?
Is pure chaos damage good?
I quickly made this build up

So its still a skill used by auto attack builds. You dont use OFF for damage it is used because it is the strongest CC in the game. CC is absolutely needed if you are playing 100% self found. People need to stop thinking every thing is black and white. If all you do is take the DUal Wield passive skills and nothing else your character will be 100% gimped and have many left over skill points.
If you go blademaster are you not going to take war cry because it isn’t an auto fucking attack?
Auto Attack builds still need defensive skills and CC to reach their true potential.

MHhhh I see.
Other than CC and defensive skills, what else could I need to balance a build(in this case melee dual wield)?

So I changed the cold spellbreaker build a little, but I’ve gone overboard with the points. Could you guys help me tone it down a little, make it more realistic, and also help with the devotions?

Another question; is it better to start off as dual wield melee, or is it better to like start as a caster or use some other more powerful early game skill, and then respec as a dual wielder melee?

what is the definiton of “Self found” gear found by urself across all ur chars, or only for that particular char?

Self found is finding the item yourself with a character. Not self found is making the item for your character…

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Answer pretty please?
Starting with Nightblade and the dual wielding skill it’s pretty difficult i’ve found out

It very much depends on what are you actually building but I never had problems playing dual-wield right from level 2. You just need to know that DW nightblades are fragile on their own, but it can be fixed with healing and invulnerability skills. You need to pick pneumatic burst and blade barrier sooner, maybe military conditioning in soldier or heart of the wild in shaman little later. Ring of steel with transmuter for freeze. Then somewhere in elite - evasion from shadow dance and fumbling from circle of slaughter. And you can add damage absorption from other mastery.

Go spellbreaker. Start as Arcanist, rush OFF then Max it. Grim Calc
Use poison bomb or fireblast as skill at level 7 (preferably fireblast if you have it)
Save the rest of your skill points until you turn level 10
Grab Nightblade and grab Pneumatic Burst.

Any time after this you can switch to Dual Wield. Basically whenever you feel comfortable.

Also I’ve been reading how much StormCaller’s Pact is good and broken on the forum. Would NightbladeXShaman be more difficult than XArcanist?
(How does an ArcanistXShaman autoattacker do? I guess it uses a 2h?)
I’m just kinda of trying to understand what the most powerful autoattacker build could be
So these are the lists of dual wield builds I’ve seen and come up with(some more refined than others); SpellBreaker Trickster Saboteur Nightblade X Occultist

I don’t think Soldiers is a good class to synergize witht his kind of build