Class change difficulty

Good Morning all,

I am attempting to change my Demolitionist/Arcanist to a Demolitionist/Inquisitor. My problem is that when I approach the Spirit Guide she will not let me clear our ALL of the points I applied to my initial builds. I can clear out most of the points in both builds but a portion do not respond to my mouse. Same is true for some Devotion points. Most but not all of the points can be cleared.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you all,


Trying to do the impossible.

Use the third party save-editing software like GDStash or GD Defiler if you’d like to change the class.

Absolutely nothing. You can’t change your class once it’s set. You can change a pet Conjurer to a vitality dealing Conjurer by buying back the points and redistributing them, but it’s still a Conjurer.

For devotion points there may be some that are dependent on another devotion being complete before you can remove those points. For example, say you had Scorpion, Empty Throne and Rhowan’s Crown and you’ve removed the points from Scorpion and Throne. You won’t be able to remove the points from Rhowan’s Crown, because it needs 6 green (Scropion plus a point in Crossroads) and 4 purple (Throne) to sustain it. You would need to remove the points in Rhowan’s Crown first then remove the other two. Check what the constellations you can’t remove need, put points into constellations to support them, then remove them.

Thank you guys. God, there are moments like this when I hate playing games. I am so ignorant and getting too old to play. Ok…lessons learned. I was having good luck with my Demolitionist/Arcanist. I shall re-equip the points and forge onward.

You’re never too old to play. :slight_smile: And heck I’m still learning things about this game and I’ve been playing it since it first came out on early access back in 2013!