Class change request / feedback

I started with this game today, played 6 hours today and made a mistake by choosing the wrong second class. Now i would have to start all over again to make a full summener.

In my opinion it is a poor design choice to force players to start all over after they made a mistake. I did not like autosave. Demotivated to play further or again.

You call it a mistake because that’s depending on your subjective opinion?

Don’t like playing something - play something else.

Also, you played 6 hours playing the “wrong” class and you’re already demotivated. Lolk.

So if in D3 you pick the wrong class, what do you do ?

Some decisions are meant to be permanent…

There are tools with which you can change this though

If you get demotivated that quickly then RPG’s aren’t for you. You have to expect to make mistakes when learning a new game. So you can’t play a full summoner. What’s wrong with playing the class you have?

As for your other query on how to play with a mod, if you haven’t mastered the main game, then you’ll probably find a mod even more frustrating.

Don’t see this as a mistake, see it as a learning experience and carry on. All knowledge is useful and will help you when you start another toon in the game.

Wait… are you saying it took you 6 hours to get to lvl 10?? :eek:

You can use trainer…but i don’t understand that fuss, you are in act 1 normal…

Dat poor design choice tho


I find it oddly how he managed to pick the wrong secondary mastery 6 hours later, when in order to confirm your mastery selection, you need to put at least one point on it and close the skill window to confirm it…

>poor design choice


I get that this topic has been beaten to death and the OP hasn’t done a search nor is his post very constructive, but look at some of your replies guys.
Maybe if you try a little harder you could bite his head off altogether. :wink:

I actually have very little tolerance for posts like this myself, but these replies are super unfriendly whether he was asking for it or not.
Unwelcoming and looks bad for other readers as well.

</backseat moderator>

Maybe Weyu, but look at it from our point of view. The OP plays for 6 hours, makes a mistake somewhere along the way and decides to complain about the game design because it doesn’t do what he wants.

What if he’d come here saying he’s played for 6 hours made a mistake, he has this class and he wanted that class, is there anything he can do to correct it or make the class he has more like the one he wanted? I can guarantee he’d get a lot of help and advice. The opening tone sets the tone of the responses.

Both the OP’s posts show a woeful lack of understanding of how RPG’s work. That’s not a criticism, we were all like that at some point in our lives. I don’t know that much about RPG’s in general, having only played a few, but none of the ones I’ve played allows you to change your mind regarding character choice once you’ve made it. As for autosave, all games do that at some point whether you’re aware of it or not.

Maybe I’m odd, but when I start a new game I’ll read the manual if it has one, get the strategy guide and read that and also look at forums for information/advice - before I even start playing. I’m not saying that’s what the OP should do, but it would be quite easy to look here on the forum under the Build Compendium or in the Classes section in general for summoner type builds. Or again just ask, someone would have pointed up a few builds for them.

And part of the fun of any new game is learning about it. Yes, you’ll make mistakes doing so, but so what? You learn from those mistakes and that makes you a better player.

If the OP gets motivated enough to come back and tell us which class he inadvertently ended up with and is there any way to make it more like a summoner then we’ll be able to help I hope.

Gotta put down trolls right away! No second thoughts! :stuck_out_tongue:

His grating and childish whine of a post doesn’t deserve objectivity from the vast majority of us here who offer it constantly and freely.

And I for one won’t be lectured to by any back seat moderators assuming an aura of moral superiority.

If his post was an actual question wanting help (as if there aren’t countless youtube videos and guides on this very forum he chose to come to and bitch on and peform Grim Dawn trashing) I would have been more than willing, SUPER willing, to help.


i just wanted to give feedback from my individual perspective and asked for a possible solution. My class selection mistake bugged me beause i simply looked though the classes and forgott to undo the selection as i closed the window with a shortcut. I understand that you expect the user to deal with autosave.

Thx for mentioning a trainer, i thought about downloading one but had second thoughts.

After this experience i changed my playstyle

  • downloaded a clean savefile lvl 70 from this forum and experimented with all summoner skills and constellations.

  • downloaded DAIL (B) and played a modded mastery (Necromancer) to same level as my first character was (22) but stoped because it felt unbalanced. At the end i liked the mod changes to the game and played through normal difficulty as Terror Knight.

Maybe in future there could be a savegame edit mod, a class choice second window or simply different lower level clear save games so people like me would play the game as intended.

So thanks for the objective moderation and the constructive post.

What class do you have Neo11 as your first toon?

The reactions against TC are unjustified, instead of saying #dealwithit casual, offer a solution.

Yes trainers can fully respec your character, all points and even attributes. And I’d rather use a trainer to respec my character than allow all the time I’ve put in my character to be wasted. Did the same thing in TQ, and any other ARPG that doesn’t allow a full respec option. It never stopped me from playing the game and enjoying it. In fact if the option wasn’t available I would have gotten bored quicker and moved on with those games way sooner. Because repeating a bunch of the same content over because of a simple mistake due to lack of knowledge about the game would make me more #hardcore than you. I personally couldn’t care less.

I don’t typically go overboard with trainers, but I’ve used them in a lot of games to have access to features I felt should have been included in the game to begin with, and rather than complain about a lack of features in a game that can be had with mods or a trainer, I just use the later without complaining.

I had a Shaman lvl 22, rushed to his pet and made it stronger to draw aggro, then added two hander for aoe because i had only one pet. Soldier i got by mistake as a second class.

Good to read from someone who took that as a solution. Unfortionally i deleted my save.

Well, for a Summoner type build with a Warder, here’s a rough idea.

I’ve no idea how well it would work, but you’d have 5 pets (Vines, Swarm, Wind Devil, Briarthorn, Primal Spirit) and could get more via gear/Devotions.

This is quite a good guide for the Devotion side of things. It’s a good guide all round if you want to play with pets.