Class info needed

Say for example I choose soldier class and then items start dropping with random stats on them. How do I choose between them? If I see a mace with +4dps on it I will need spirit (and yet it comes with physical and defensive stats on it), or that dagger that’s also +4 but I need cunning, does that mean the soldier class probably wouldn’t want it? Is there anywhere I can read up to find out what the more benficial stats for each class would be? I mean peirce offensive defensive +skills poison acid cold fire vitality chaos physical bleeding damages and resistances are a lot to swallow at once.

It’s all just a bit overwhelming even though I played the diablo series to death I still feel like I’m struggling to understand the correlation between the classes. I’ve read a bunch of builds which mean absolutely nothing to me and I’m trying to get my head around how to level up properly (skills tree vs item stats). I can get to level 30 but after that the enemies hit so hard I figure I’m doing something wrong. Any class information that’s relevant to understanding how stats talents and attributes work within each class and class set would be great.

Furthermore it is more beneficial to level up through one class rather than splitting between classes or are there advantages that I’m missing out on.

In general, Cunning and Spirit are only invested in to equip items. The damage gains from them are not superior to the survivability offered by Physique.