Maybe some new class to use with crossbow like vampire hunter?

Not sure exactly what you mean here but, we are getting 2 new classes (Necromancer/Inquisitor) in 2 days with the expansion. :wink:

Inquisitor is a ranged based mastery ideally suited for guns, rifles and crossbows. Can dual wield two pistols or go two-handed with rifles/crossbows depending on your preference.

Also, there are no vampires in GD…

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Wait What?

I want my money back. No vampires means no bueno.
:mad: :confused::furious:

The trick is, using Vitality damage and Life Steal… YOU WERE THE VAMPIRE ALL ALONG.

there is one question now though: who is the hunter and who is the hunted?

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I know about Inqusitor but it would be nice to get class who primarly uses crossbows not guns only good crossbow build i found so far was Crossbowmaster Blademaster but it’s not updated in long time :confused:

Crossbows are effectively the same as rifles and guns. :confused: