Cleansing water mechanics questions

Hi everyone,

at the moment I’m running a blue devotion setup, so I got cleansing water anyway. I bound it to a one skill point doom bolt with the intention to only trigger the proc in order to get rid of annoying debuffs, especially bleeding effects. I’m not too keen of the enemy buff removal side of things, since I’m a pet player.

But it doesn’t quite work like I thought it would.

  1. It has a three meter radius. Is guess that is around the doom bolt impact, not around the player character, right? So as long as the doom bolt hits more than three meters away from me, it won’t remove my debuffs, right?
  2. That’s kind of annoying since I’m a controller player and can’t aim the doom bolt manually. Will it remove my debuffs by binding it to syphon souls? Other skills (cabalist)?
  3. Does it remove every single ‘icon’ that appears over the energy bar? Does it work against (Benn’Jahrs) traps?
  4. Are there maybe specific Nemesis’ that the remove-buff-effect might be helpful with, that I’m not aware of?

Thanks for your help guys!

I tried to answer my questions myself and asked a friend to join a PVP session. He hit me once, applying some debuffs.

While being debuffed, I hit him with doom bolt, while cleansing water was attached to it. Then I bound cleansing water to Syphon Souls and triggered it with him within the range and out of range. To be honest, now I’m more confused than before. While Cleansing Waters never triggers with him being outside the Syphon Souls range (which makes sense considering it is triggered ‘on attack’), it sometimes triggers with him being within range. I considered the 17 sec proc cooldown. It just won’t work reliably.

Is nobody here even using Cleansing Waters?

have you tried on target dummies?

How would I know whether the proc triggers on target dummies?

it has no visual?

There is no icon over the energy bar and no visual effect on screen that I’m aware of.

Uhh… okay. I’m using it for several days now and never noticed anything like that. Might be because of the amount of effects on the screen, might be because it doesn’t trigger. I will investigate and report here.

Thank you very much for this!

In case I see this on the target dummy, can I expect my debuffs to be removed? I guess the three meter radius is only for the enemy buff removal and not relevant for the character’s debuff removal, right?

I am 99% sure that you do not need to be inside the proc radius to get your debuffs removed.

I use Cleansing Waters on my Cadense Witchblade. I have it bound to blitz and seems to work fine (100% activation on attack). The sigil appears under the enemy that i blitz, however keep in mind it only last one second.

It’s mostly handy to debuff certain enemy’s that have a aura. Like Grava’Thul. As for removing debuffs on yourself, it would make sense that it happends once you cast the skill.

Thank you both. I can confirm that the visual is in fact there. Seems like I just didn’t notice it in the fireworks before. When I bind it to Syphon Souls, all dummies in range have the blueish water effect, but only one dummy has the blue sigil underneath. I don’t know whether all dummies would have their buffs removed.

So now that I know when the proc triggers, I’m 100% sure it doesn’t remove player debuffs every time it triggers. I tried for quite some time with single slow hitting poisonous enemies. I get the poison debuff, trigger Cleansing Waters, the proc’s blue sigil appears under the enemy but my poison dot is only removed ~25% of the times I trigger the proc. Thats the same for doom bold or syphon souls as skill that it is bound to. I can’t imagine that’s how it is supposed to work.

It is because the proc has to center around one target.

Could you record a video of that weird “non-cleansing”?

I always bind it to blitz. it seems you need to be within that 3 meter blue circle to cleanse your debuff and remove monster’s buff. Thus a melee, single target skill should be the best.


I’ll try to make a video tomorrow. Need to look for a free application for recording.



Thank you again, OBS works perfectly fine.

Here you go, a video of Doom Bolt triggering Cleansing waters, neither removing the DA debuff nor the poison debuff from the player character.

The video appears to be unavailable…

Im not seeing any other responses to your inquiry. Was this issue ever resolved or concluded? Or did people just move on from it?

Asking because i have a couple characters that use this devotion ability despite me never really understanding how it works, and I’m really curious to know. I always felt this devotion ability was pretty useless, but if you’re not running an Arcanist and therefore dont have access to Nullification, it seemed like a decent bonus ability to have popping off every now and then, though i really cant say i ever noticed it making much of a difference.

it could be kind of fun in theory to use alongside Nullification on some sort of “disenchanting healer/support” build. In theory.

I didn’t realize I had to set the video’s setting to ‘public’. It should now be accessible for everyone. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

I’m still not sure why the player debuff isn’t removed, so no progress there.

I think that is because poison dot is not a debuff. It is acually damage over time

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You need to be close to the enemy you hit with your proccing skill for Cleansing to affect you. And because it procs randomly on any enemy in range it’s important to bind it to something with as little radius as possible.

Best is Blitz or SS with no Nightfall if you don’t use them casually for mobility and can hold back on them just for Cleansing. Very good is Blades of Nadaan mobility rune. You blink to an empty space when you don’t need Cleansing and on and enemy when you do. Or one of those melee nukes from shield components that nobody ever uses.

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