Cleansing Waters

Does cleansing waters actually do what its text says, or is it really just the “slow target”? It doesn’t seem to me to do anything other than slow the target… Why does its text say so much more? Bug? It’s certainly misleading if I’ve just not noticed it doing the rest; and, if it really does do what it says, why doesn’t it list that in the skill details?

Yes it works as intented! It remove their reflect buff or their maiven sphere of protection bubble for exemple :stuck_out_tongue:

To make it very usefull, asign a skill you’re not using too often. This way you have control when it procs!

Core function similar to Nullification of Arcanist

It definitely didn’t work on the negative buff you get from that one belt (Chains of Anguish).

The game probably codes that negative buff as a buff. Cleansing Waters doesn’t remove your own buffs on yourself for obvious reasons, but sadly that includes this one as well.