Co-op lag oddities

Greetings, forum people.

I’ve got a bit of an issue with the co-op/multiplayer mode in Grim Dawn.

My brother and I started playing co-op a few days ago and everything went well. We both own the game on GOG and used Steam for voice chat.

So, for 9-10 hours (spread over two sessions), everything was fine.
Yesterday - and today - we tried to do co-op again with him hosting like before, but I experienced terrible lag; meaning, he would run ahead into a horde of enemies and punch them, while from my side, it looked like he was just standing there conversing with them or whatever until eventually everything exploded into giblets.
Meanwhile, whenever I tried to punch things, my hits wouldn’t register for a few seconds (until everything suddenly exploded into giblets).

Basically, it seems like the host is always about 3-5 seconds ahead of their guest (we’ve tried with me as a host and the same thing happened to him, which finally made him understand what the hell I was talking about).

  • we’ve both disabled out anti-virus programs and/or set Grim Dawn, GOG Galaxy and Steam as exceptions

  • we’ve both set Grim Dawn to “High Priority”

  • both our Internet connections aren’t terrible (plus, it worked before)

  • we tried running the game through steam (via "add a non-steam game)

  • we’ve tried playing without any clients involved (no GOG, no Steam, no voice)

  • we both had no other programs running

  • both our computers are capable of running the game, as evidenced by our solo playtime

  • there were no updates to Grim Dawn between “this is going well” and “what the hell why isn’t this working”

  • we’re in the same country - the same city, even - so distance shouldn’t really be an issue

What’s more is that I’ve played co-op with brother as well as a friend before, both for about 10 hours, and never experienced such issues.

tl;dr: Our co-op is lagging all of a sudden when it wasn’t lagging for the first 10 hours.

We’d appreciate any help with this lunacy.

Edit: I just tried co-op with my friend in the US (as opposed to Germany, like brother, whom I’m having issues with) and it went surprisingly smoothly. First try had some lag for me when she was hosting, no lag for her when I hosted, and no lag for me 2nd time she hosted. So. What?