Cocoricooooooo from France !

Hello everybody !!

I’m Tristan and I am French !
New to GD and I love it (still act 1 but this is so cool !!)
I was a fan of Titan Quest when it was released and I have been looking for a similar game since then !
I have been playing Diablo 3 but I am getting really bored with the build limitations, and the very bad idea of the developers to bet everything on itemization.

That is why I now want to play GD (even though I am still playing Diablo 3 from time to time with my clan).

What I enjoy most so far is the fact that you can customize your character in sooooo many aspects (skills, stats, devotion, items, tell me if I am missing something :slight_smile: ).
Besides, coming from Diablo 3, I really appreciate the importance GD developers give to the community suggestions. It is really cool !

I am only level 18 (conjurer because I love pets, playing witch doctor in Diablo 3 and because I understood that it was a simple build to begin with, and learn game mechanics)

I LOVE playing in multi when I have time for it (work… ^^)

If you have suggestions for me, I am really open and love to share game experience !

Bonjour Tristan!

Welcome aboard!

Salut et bienvenue. :wink:

Welcome to Grim Dawn!!!

I just got back from France a few months ago! Went to Reims, Paris, Limoges and Lac d’Orient! BEAUTIFUL places!!! I love your country and your people and …especially…your food :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed :slight_smile: I agree with you for the country and food but I don’t think that French people are really nice to foreigners unfortunately :(… But I am :wink:

Well, from my experience they were, but then, I am ridiculously attractive and smart.:cool:

(only kidding LOL)

Hi. welcome to Cairn! :slight_smile:

Clan hahahahahahha

Bienvenue au sein de cette superbe communauté Tristan :slight_smile:
Et je vois qu’on a les mêmes goûts que ce soit sur D3 ou sur GD hehehe
Si tu as besoin de quoi que ce soit, n’hésite pas.

Hello Tristan,

And welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Deckard Cairn said,
“From Tristram we came, and to Tristan we welcome”

Welcome to the forum tristan :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t really get what you meant Gdante_CO_001111, but I guess that was not really relevant…

I appreciate the saying you came up with :smiley: (and the joke Deckard Cain --> Deckard Cairn :wink: )

Thanks everybody !

Bienvenue Tristan, même si je me suis inscrit sur le forum après toi ^^.

Si tu as des questions n’hésite pas :smiley:

Bienvenue, Tristan!

<insert kitten welcome gif> ( not allowed to post links yet :rolleyes: )

Merci à tous !
Thank you everybody !

I got a question about multiplayer games, is it nice in GD ?
I cannot find so many people playing multi and don’t fully understand the way it works…

Any news of the early access ending ??

Thanks in advance !

Hi, and welcome :).

Early access should end sometime this month. Since we get a new Grim Misadventure (development update) in a few hours, we might know when exactly soon …