Cold based shield with bonuses to Amarasta's Blade Burst

Probably already in the works, but if not, please add one in as Amarasta’s Blade Burst uses off-hand damage and we don’t have such an item in the current game.

We indeed don’t have a single cold-based shield in the game. Not even a rare one. Which makes my theorycrafting for a Cold Knight all sad :frowning:

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ABB uses off-hand damage when dual wielding melee weapons, but it uses main hand when using a weapon and a shield.

Well that sucks.

I just assumed it would use shield damage because the animation clearly shows you striking with the shield. I propose this changes as well.

Please, no more bonuses to ABB, it’s a level 1 skill and it sucks no matter how many bonuses you put on it.

It’s okaish on an Infiltrator if you’re going ranged. It’s a temporary attack booster with short investment. The gear available for it is mostly designed for poison/acid builds which should be looked at.

I know the new expansion will open up more shield possibilities but allowing shield damage to be used on ABB and adding Total damage modified or a crit modifier would not be bad imo