Cold Phantasmal Blades items and Harra's Artifice set could get some buffs

I know. As a big fan of CD PB you can imagine I’d really want Star Pact to go with it…

Actually, it’s fine if cold Sabo with 2 nukes and 2 RR-s works (if there are videos I’ll be super-happy) but yeah, we have a spellbreaker that can’t afford himself maxing 2 skills (being extremely short on skill points) and the skills don’t pair well.
So, buffing cold PB is a likely choice. Or even adding an RR proc to the set.
But still the thread is about spam PB, not cd version.

I know what Harra’s Set needs. Pet Support in the Arcanist side so that Pet Warlocks have a fighting chance with the likes of Pet Deceivers. An additional Pet wouldn’t hurt too, since it takes up amulet slot, so no 2x Birbs.

I just give you icecream and no one’s gonna get hurted …

Stay on topic, please.

I am serious. I am on a quest to Pet-ify as many stuff as I can in GD. Non Pet playstyles have much more options than pets.

Also you see these random pet stuff sprinkled here and there like IEE, but no reliable way to make use of it. I agree that Harra’s needs a buff. Adding Pet stats in there like what Winter King items have wouldn’t hurt either.

That’s a very poor performance for a dedicated set tho. Like piss poor. As banana mentioned, a build with non-set items built for spam Cold PB is much faster (and thus much safer).

And those pilots who will struggle to maintain the same speed will have more problems with survivability as well.

And if Cold cooldown PB was a viable playstyle I would be glad to play it and even make builds with it. But wait, I have already made Spellbreaker that had Cold PB and it was 2 years ago.. Yes, it’s not full Harra cd PB, but the skill just doesn’t have what it takes to be CD nuke. It’s a okayish support spell to spread Rumour and to heal up.

As DMT pointed out, it has to be because PB is a focused attack and it lacks dots. Flat DOT damage that we have on our char can be applied with a white attack so mentioning it is a bit irrelevant here.

So for cooldown PB Harra buff I would suggest:

  • Change flat Cold bonuses to flat Frostburn bonuses
  • Add enough weapon damage so it has above 100% so flat dots can be applied fully
  • Throw in a defensive stat bonus to set bonuses because right now it’s a bit of a poverty set bonus situation with 80 OA/5 energy regen/14% Casting speed. Like two-thirds of these bonuses are not super crucial for a build with CD PB (casting speed is always welcome tho, but Harra builds don’t really have heavy rotation because they lack skill points and Spellbreakers are already loaded on casting speed).

If Harra is for CD PB, then its head and amulet should have CDR.


I’m still working on the Sabo or other potential ideas for CD cold PB

But as for your idea and wish to Spam them, have you considered a different approach. Better items with better conversion for this task? Even is Herra gets the desired CD PB buff, It’s still not the best way to make use of Spam cold PB I think.

I have a GT in the works for such a concept, inspired by this conversation that I think would fit the bill and i’d like to test that one as well. But it’s not gonna use Arcanist. Unless you want to spam CT and burst PB Arcanist won’t give you the desired dmg for spam PB i think.

I don’t actually understand where did the idea of cd PB come from and why there’s so much attention to it when the thread is about SPAM version, that was used with Harra from the very beginning. As Dmt pointed, cd PB have nothing - neither radius, nor enough damage - to be a nuke.
Imo, it’s just easier and better to boost spam PB by increasing flat damage, some conversion tweaking and adding cast speed to amulet etc.

And please, if you wanna buff cd PB, than make a separate thread to it. This one is about a bit different.

Did you read my entire post.

Idk why you got defensive. Aside from having already discussed yesterday that spam PB was not designed for full harra I then asked you TODAY if you considered ANOTHER approach for cold spam PB, which is what you want and what the thread is about.

i’m not using your thread to make buffs to anything, i make my own threads when I want to talk about something.

my post wants to help you with your idea of spamming PB…i don’t know how to be more transparent than this

exists but not on full harra

also exists by not using full harra.

this is what i was getting at

Harra’s set bonuses to PB are designed for spam version: no CDR (flat or %), big casting speed set bonus, no DOT bonuses, just flat damage bonuses. So if it’s meant to be for cooldown PB then this part of the set has to be remade completely. Because spamming part, as you pointed out yourself, works better without Harra’s pieces.

CD Jacks and CT work much better with Harra because of huge DoT part of those skills and set DoT bonuses. But again, set has no CDR bonuses to either of those skills.


it’s really not, cause it was meant to use together with other items that did. Hopefully next patch will convince you.

Items for spam PB already exist and have far better PB stats than full Harra. You can use Harra, just not full, for spam PB.

My question was about spam PB in order to get good results. Unless your mind is made up that full Harra just has to be good for spam PB then even if I showed the GT and good results should I get the time to puti it together, then still those efforts would be in vain…cause it just has to be full Harra. Correct?

There is a difference between desiring more support for a play style, in this case cold PB spam, and bending the entire discussion to what you want a specific set or item to be

Well, as I said, then Harra’s PB part has to be remade. Because as it has been pointed out here:

Set’s bonuses to PB and sets stats do not support CD PB playstyle in any way (no CDR, no DoT bonuses, PB itself is very weak as a nuke skill)

If next patch changes this part of Harra then great, I am all for it, because currenty PB Harra doesn’t work well either way.

Incorrect. I’ve mentioned in this thread that spam Cold PB work much better without full Harra:

So I agree with you here. However, it leaves Harra’s cold PB part without real identity currently.

The way I see it, posters here just want Harra’s PB to be good. If it gets reworked completely to support CD PB playstyle and it will work adequately well then I doubt anyone would mind.

The discussion insists on full Harra. Even if you mentioned that 2pc harra or no harra works better, that didn’t imply to me that you agree with that.

anyway, just for curiosity’s sake I’ll try the lego version of cold PB spam. The power of cold PB spam comes from converting Nether edge and Heart seeker and what is used in the OP does very little of one, and not enough of the other. So I think it’s normal to have low results

maybe then change any of conversions on set pieces? Like on shoulders, instead of aether->cold which can be easily obtained and doesn’t matter much here, make it chaos->cold or add this conversion to armor, as it’s really poorly presented in-game.

And why I insist on full Harra usage as for 4 pieces there are some nice bonuses like +1 projectile and conversion, which can’t be ignored.

If this holds true, IandI fail with a lego version that support almost full conversion of nether edge and heart seeker and also gives the build a high 9.5K flat cold dmg then yes, i for one will gladly support increasing the % conversion that is accessible to full Harra.

If lego cold PB spam does not fail and even does below 6 min well enough, then that is probably good enough and full Harra will have a different identity, hopefully

It’s gonna be pretty decent as recent tests done by Banana show. Like around 5:30 ish mark with non-fantasy greens maybe much faster with fantasy ones.

and still it’s not healthy when a dedicated set is 1,5 and more mins slower than a build made of non-set items

Can’t agree more. Set’s PB part kind of lost identity after all the nerfs.

that sounds very good to me.

As for Fantasy green. Imo with next patch high rolls on affixes there will no longer be any excuse for the reluctancy towards green items. it’s as easy to far for as legendaries if not easier in some cases

I;m definitely using at least two greern items in my test

Probably because the identity you attributed to it was never intended.

Problem is that there wasn’t something given in return, which, like in the case of this thread, i’ve mentioned and hoped for other buffs in return