Cold ranged Commando

Hello guys.
I am relatively new to Grim Dawn and just registered for this forum, so i hope you people to be patient with me^^. I have some general questions, maybe someone can help me out.

My single player Commando is Level 61 right now and i don´t know if i should try some kind of meta Commando build or if i go my own way and go for cold ranged build (if there is one).
Main attack is fire strike and for now i don´t use any other aktive skills, just passives for defense and the 50 basic attribute points of course.

My tactic at the Moment is to kite and stutter step backwards untill enemies are dead.

I Need help with the devotions. Wich should i choose? I read Kraken and Hydra shall be good for damage boost, but which one makes sense to bind with the fire strike attack? Is there any, that freezes or stuns the enemy on ranged hit? Leviathan maybe? Or what do the meta builds use? I think they go for fire and/or physic damage types, right?

Any good skills for ranged Commando?
And what about the factions? Does it make sense to change the Kymans choosen to the death´s vigils in the second difficulty, or stay with the same faction for the long run?

Any Chance to stun lock enemies for a Long time? Or how do i kill the god´s avatar at the shrine (Mogdrogon or so)?

This is my first character, so every honest tip would be nice. Thank you guys and good hunting :wink:

i’ve been thinking lately of a way to make weapon like Bane of the winter king of real use in melee and one ideea was to use Cadence/deadly momentum charged up with Lethal assault, same would go for pistols.

But for a Commando it’s hard for me to imagine a cold build with it, just cadence with % cold conversion + temper for more flat phys converted. Other than taht there is nothing that Demmo gives you for cold. You won;t have Night’s chill for debuff or leathal assault for more flat cold damage. You will be gimped, but you can try anyway:)