☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

I like these kind of “static casters” as well as more “busy” builds. It all depends on what mood I am in (note that I often play drunk too lol)

I made some guidelines for following the Sentinel build I made: I included yours and Nery’s guides as some kind of “next step”.


Hey there, nice to see your stuff on the new discourse! I will try your acid sentinel when you post it. :slight_smile:

yeah dude, but I will never format the forum versions of the guides. Too much work. I will basically keep them as pdf’s and then write about changes etc here.

I wanted to be finished with the guide today, but I got busy playing my beginner shieldskater shieldbreaker build yesterday and today :stuck_out_tongue:

How far are you in the process with the sentinel?

No worries, the important thing is that people can find them. :slight_smile:

I haven’t even started and probably won’t for a while. It’s too hot over here right now, staying inside to play is not an option. My comp is in a room under the roof. :wink: :sweat:

Don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t even played oathkeeper yet, too busy farming SR and couldn’t decide on a second class.

your secret is safe with me xD

For a full guide, download this pdf-file from my Google-Drive:
Pre-Vanquish Skatebreaker (pdf)
For updates to the guide, see below.

This forum post will be used to post updates about the guide, variations of builds, tips and tricks etc.

The goal of this guide is to make a char from scratch that can farm the rogue-like dungeons for its end-game set The Vanquisher for optimal skating abilities.

Grim Tool link to basic build:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWlQzeZ ( patch)
Which is the set-up for Steps of Torment (SoT) / Bastion of Chaos (BoC) farming for The Vanquisher set-pieces that drops in those dungeons.
The guide also provide Ancient Grove (AG) and Port Valbury (PV) set-ups.

Version for patch:
Uses some of the updates listed below (soon, if I have time)

Teaser video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AfXZLJLI-M


Click to read pros
  • The build is almost trivial to level and gear up.
  • Many flashy procs and busy playstyle (which will become even more involved when we get more cooldown reduction on Vire’s might).
  • End-game set The Vanquisher is “farmable” (can also be a bad thing since it might become boring to farm same dungeon over and over again).
  • Many interesting and strong Shieldbreaker builds one can change to later (shield throw, spin2win, bomb-caster, and I bet melee sword & shield / DW is doable too).
  • Fast movement


Click to read cons
  • I use shield to get dmg reduction on Judgment and as a good source of physical resists. The Zarthuzellan’s off-hand we will farm while we do SoT runs and will be used later. This means we are note 100% focusing on skating actually.
  • For farming the Vanquisher set, the bosses in BoC and AG have huge fire resistance which means those fights can become quite extended with a budget set-up like this.


These faction shoulders are also worth to consider Elite Bysmiel Arcane Spaulders (and lower tier) patch
These MI belts now gives +1 to Demolitionost / Oathkeeper respectively and might be worth using of you find a good one: Chains of Ordas & Gargoyle Girdle


Here is another budget skater build
Vanquisher sentinel by @Udars he has several versions of it, one of them is both super cheap and strong!

Here you can find more of my Beginner Friendly builds
collection of malawiglenn’s beginner friendly builds

- - - - I NEED HELP - - - -

(click me)

I would really like to help all of you in your progress and to answer all possible questions you might have - but I will not have that much time with that unfortunately (I can a handful of PM’s on a daily basis with questions). I feel the guides are detailed enough. If my guides are not enough: use google and search for your question, read other guides (like more general guides on game mechanics) see below.

I also have a full time job, partner, and other hobbies (like I also play this game at least 10h/week).

You can for instance ask questions here (official Grim Dawn discord - link ) Grim Dawn on Discord and I am sure people will help you.

You can also ask questions here in this thread: you need to specify what build/guide you are following and so on so that I and others can help you as good as possible.

From the guides-section on this forum:
A how-to on getting loot efficiently on solo play + advice on levelling
Farming Routes/Farming Guides Compilation
Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them
How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.
Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing
Advanced Mechanics good guide about basic game mechanics but still not changed to fit the new forum’s formatting.


IMO that’s the beauty of VM, it has the flexibility to be suitable for both kiting and facetanking playstyle. So you see Kaisan? Go facetank him. See Grava? Just kite him and you’ll be fine. Possibly.

I actually did an AG run several days ago for the new Totally Normal item with my G4 setup, and naturally fought Gargabol in the end. Got killed by the second phase in like 5 seconds due to trying to facetank. :crazy_face:

The build in the GT link above, it just melts Kuba in campaign. Pretty impressive for such a cheap build.

I actually turn off my own Fissure when doing Gargabol in AG (and uses some potions too, the “royal jelly” potions lol) - otherwise it will be hard to kite around in there avoiding ALL fissures :stuck_out_tongue: My tactics is just to skate around and make the ground burn, cast judgment, BWC and mines and just hope for the best xD

I also find Kuba being the easiest Nemesis for my fire Sentinel skater, not sure why I guess it’s maybe because he tend to stand still and do that breath attack, which makes him get hit a lot by fissure and stuffs?

Turning off fissure proc seems to be a good idea, I actually died many times in SR for running into enemy’s fissure thinking that it’s mine. I even decided to completely get rid of it due to this reason :roll_eyes:

BTW where did you get that much slow resist in your skater? I can’t find any big source of slow resist except for that helm.

Moosie and Benny are also very easy.

But yeah, fissure will be removed completely later on when I get the entire Vanquisher set on this character and pick up Phoenix devotion instead for “saftey”

Slow res: DIVINE MANDATE exclusive skill :wink: and: mark of traveler component & Sailor’s compass devotion (also you have faction boots Elite Harvest footpads for general source of cheap slow res)

Yes I mean my G2 sentinel skater used Magelord’s Greaves (30% slow resist) to patch up slow resist but it’s still 55% combined with Divine Mandate. So it seems that the difference is mainly due to the Sailor’s compass then, thanks.

I didn’t realise the importance of slow resist until some days ago I’ve got a mutator combination of enemy chance to slow + player cast speed debuff + total speed debuff, it made skating a lot more difficult and greatly reduced survivability. Maybe I should get back Sailor.

These boots are good too:
Mythical Final March (no OA, health but have phys res)
Mythical Desecrator Treads (no DA or phys res)
but yeah magelord is probably best allround for this kinda build

I used Magelord on my Infiltrator,cause you can craft them,but physical res on Final march makes them compete even againts double rare greens.

As for Skater,Shielbreaker in :heart:

SB is my third favorite class behind Infiltrator and Trickster.If mines were easier to use on run,it would challenge the leaders.I need to play Vanquisher SB sometimes :thinking:

I wanted to call the class “Shieldskater” since he use shield but I thought it would be confusing for beginner players to mix it up with “Shieldbreaker” :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still gonna say vindicator and warlord are my fav classes

Or maybe Skatebreaker or Skaterbreaker. For warlord it can be Warskater or Skatelord. I’m so envy for these kind of names with two parts, I can’t put the word skater into my sentinel :rofl:

I like “Beginner Spinner” ^^


F**K I will change name to skatebreaker lol

Skatebreaker,can be confusing,it can be Shieldbreaker or Spellbreaker.

Hey,don’t turn your Sentinel into “skate” goat.

Skate or break

No thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
Heck, even Vindiskater sounds pretty good, though vindicators cannot skate. Why did I choose Sentinel in the first place???

Yeah but spellbreakers cannot skate so maybe it’s okay

You know Shadow strike with really short CD+Amatok rune is pretty dope.