☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Thanks for the answer, have a great day.

Should be fun for me, I have never had a Sabo xD

I still think I wanna do infiltrator soon, according to your guide. I have spent 2 hours farming for chillstrifes and Ellena Necklace, I do not wanna let that go to waste just because RNG seems to love me :stuck_out_tongue: Hard work and knowledge >> RNG xD

it also depends what you want out of it.
Do you want to spin and win asap with good results and have no gear previously found? Then warlord. I tried both shieldbreaker and paladin EoR with similar tier items. Not as good as warlord.
Do you want to spin and win later and you do not care that much about how you get there, then either warlord or paladin is fine. Paladin is easy to level up and for starter farming you can go with my aegis and rune build.

What’s you affixes on Chillstrifes? I have found Chilled of Fury in campaign and was very happy at the time. Ellena Necklace needs at least one good green affix to be match for Essence of Beronath.

Best is Glacial of Frostbite. No attack speed :confused:

Ellena only one rare affix so far, Bloodletters. Suffix was some crap like +%poison damage LOL

Vitality caster conjurer sketch, not all items has augments or rolls. Just use whatever you can find to cap / over cap resistances (fire and pierce) and get some more OA (like “of attack” on belt and medal) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aEMEg2

Here is a cheap version with MI shoulders (for even better heal on twin fangs, the faction shoulders in the link above are very good and we need to farm some other MI’s so these MI shoulders are not priority), and magic affix rolls on each item, and augments. Also nodes from Obelisk went into Ultos for 50 flat OA.

With alternative Faction dagger:
Claw of Hagaraz
Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28jo53Z

I might do some kind of “guide” of this one later on, especially since 1.1.4 patch will cover nice addition to the farmable Dark One’s set.

This set features:
Damage reduction on Blood Pox, more +%vitality damage, physical rests, chaos to vitality conversion which is nice for Sigil of Consumption damage and life steal.

Preliminary Dark One’s set-up:
Uses higher-tier components also as well as a mythical relic.

Due to the conversion of chaos to vitality, you might even consider Doom Bolt as a main skill. Would fit nicely with the storm totems, your char shoots “purple/pink” bolts of vitality all around the place :wink:

Gudie removed thanks to BOG.

He will make a much better guide soon, stay tuned for that one!


Ha-ha that picture for the build. I would thought the female Jedi from Star Wars with light saber, name is similar :smile:

Yeah but I do not use Fettan mask on this one for a change :wink:

It is also a tribute to the BEST GRIM DAWN BEGINNER BUILDS 2019 “aetherman”, 40k dps with 900 armor and 8k health thing I saw like a month ago… so I thought “RAY-MAN” is an appropriate name for a similar build ^^

But Ray man can have devastation, so it could become rain men! I think, that can beat that, Aether Binder AAR.

Yeah I have tried that, but I wrote something about aether ray on budget in the guide. The aetherbolt amulet gives so much conversion and added damage and there is no similar or lower tier item that would do the opposite to support aether ray. Unless you go with Fleshwarped Tome and rely on heal from Siphon souls and Bat (and spear proc)

I tried something like this (I deleted the char lol so I am just pulling things from my memory)
Problem is that the conversion of lightning damage on off-hand and chest is multiplicative and the fire damage of AAR remains

as always, feel free to steal and improve :slight_smile:

Hi alamwiglenn. What skill procs Viper (last node) in the Mage Hunter Lightning AAR build? I think it must have %100 weapon damage for it to be effective enough. Or you take Viper only for its 3% OA?

It would be great if you add a section explaining how ‘chance to be used’ ‘chance of activating’ '100% chance for one of the following ’ etc work. For example, do all of those chances need at least 1% weapon damage on a skill to work?

Viper we need blue and red for ultos.

I can’t add such things to all My build guides. I have a general game mechanic guide and There is a Good guide on devotions. Chance of actvating Devo proc depends on base chance, skill cooldown what kind of skill it is if its multiple target, ticking skill and etc

@Garfunkel you might wondering why I take certain things in the Arcanist tree like overload, but wait till the new patch is out and I can update the guide :wink: any day soon

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I’m doing Mage Hunter following your guide atm and having a blast. Didn’t think AAR is such a nice skill now that it got piercing. Thanks for the guide! Looking forward to changes too!

You won’t be needing those change anyway if you are leveling from scratch since 1) you wont use AAR until level 50 or so and 2) those skills will be the last ones you grab basically.

My own experience with starting to use AAR like at level 20 is horrendous, the energy drain is killing the fun for me :stuck_out_tongue: So I prefer to just go with Word of Pain and storm box for “cast and forget” playstyle and rush for Bards harp and using the Talisman relic(s) early on

I will update the guide with more info when the patch is out.

The most important thing to think about is to get a decent Pulisng shard and save it in your inventory for when you switch to AAR

I started Inquisitor at first as you suggested but Word of Pain damage was not good (or maybe i didn’t have good gear) so I decided to take all mastery points from Inquisitor and build Arcanist instead. Suprisingliy AAR is very solid skill for levelling up. Don’t have much energy issues. My build is here - https://imgur.com/a/dVfNAQH (in pictures).
I have about 66+ energy per second with all my buffs on. And I don’t even have Bard’s Harp yet (I decided to rush to Elemental Storm for its proc).
I’m still lvl 33 atm. Using Wrathstone component in my weapon and Hellbane ammo in off-hand. Ectoplams in rings and amulet. Will change for better components once I take Bard’s Harp.

Word of Pain line maxed with storm box just fills the screen and makes everything die in a few seconds. No geer needed

Ok you are going for Aether AAR

I just think its easier to forget about that Energy regen even is a thing for pure noobs, you have already played the game pretty much :slight_smile:

Isn’t it easier just to link to grim tools?

Word of Pain damage for trash is awesome but heroes / bosses can be pain. Because WoP damage ticks and you need some ticks before boss or hero is dead sometimes there is just not enough room to kite. AAR on the other hand is very strong against solo-targets and decent with trash (with its piercing now).
Yeah grimtools would have been easier just forgot it has such a feature as uploading character info :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes heroes and bosses can take some time, but usually there is no problem with kiting.

I could just add in the guide that if someone wanna play with AAR earlier its basically just stacking energy regen like ectoplasms everywhere, caster helm and chest etc.

btw why not Talisman relic? excellent for energy regen and damage boost for bosses + its free