☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Yes those “traps” are annoying as hell.

you can temporarily spec out of Dying God devotion and get Turtle proc, get it up to rank before you try again. Then you have an extra layer of defense. You can also powershop ancient grove vendor for prismatic diamond component for head (if you do not have that blueprint yet)

another good thing to have is rift tear skill from dreeg faction in medal, then you can kite better

I killed Lokarr with my set-up, took like 3 min but was doable :slight_smile: with higher res overcaps you can probably do it in 2 min considering your damage modifiers are higher.

I actually think I have prismatics. Lemme implement some changes and give it a whirl.

I hope whoever implemented those unkillable death rocks knows he’s a jerk :slight_smile:

I feel the same about those “aether wind devils” in the houses in malmouth area. You pick up some loot and go over stats then suddenly you have 500 health left xD

good luck, let me know if you need more help. I might actually record a video of a full Dark one farm run if you need more tip

Swapped to turtle, freed up some skill points, hotkeyed a bunch of potions and kept moving: 3 runs later I have my entire set, plus an Rot Drinker Crest and a Mythical Virulant Maw. Stuffed living armor into everything and redid my resistances. Sitting at 2500/3000 now with Pox, Sigil and Mark on standby. Guess it’s time to go run around in the desert! Thanks for the help, man.

oh nice, that was fast :slight_smile:

Totally Normal Warlord for beginners
(dual-wield melee - physical damage)
Work in progress :hammer_and_wrench:
It will probably take a couple of weeks to finialize this since the patch did a lot of changes to the other guides which I wanna take care of first.

In-game stats with Deadly Momentum, Consecration and Ulzaad devotion proc.

Grim Tools calc link for this basic build
Crafted items are with physique x 2, armor and freeze res.

I should point out already here that I think this build guide should be considered an alternative to my two Warlord guides and not a main alternative to the other posted Dual Wield melee build guides. What I mean is that I see this as an option for those who started playing with Warlord but did not like, or got tired of, playing with Forcewave and/or Eye of Reckoning but still wanna take the char further with a limited gear pool. If you wanna play dual wield build from scratch, I think Dragons Blademaster and Nerys Infiltrator are a bit better. Still this is no joke build, it has some serious power and decent tankyness.

Compared to the Sword and Shield Warlord I made here this one has about twice the killing power without sacrificing tankyness and sustain. The sword and shield version uses lower tier components though.


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I wanted to make a guide for a dual-wield melee build that is very cheap to make (many faction items, freebie-items, craftables), is easy to level up and has several high-end variations to choose from later when you have a bigger item bank.

If you look at the dual-wield melee builds published here on the forum the thing they have in common is that they have the Nightblade mastery. This reason is of course that Nightblade can dual wield melee weapon from the start. Other mastery combinations needs to get dual wield melee ability from items.

In this build we use the Bladedancer’s Talisman relic that you can buy from Hyram in Steelclap (he does not sell it in all instances) and before that we use the faction relic Bladesworn Talisman (Devil’s Crossing).

Now since we do not dual-wield from the start, we probably have to wait to level 25 or so (until we have gotten Devil’s Crossing reputation up so that we can buy relic). This is not a problem, we can breeze through the beginning of the game either with Soldier’s skill Forcewave with a big 2-hander and using the “Tremor” transmuter of Forcewave. For more information on how to play Warlord in the early stages of the game, check out my two other warlord guides:
Beginner Spinner
Forcewave spammer Warlord

Once we get ability to dual wield melee weapons, things will just steam roll.

Why are there so many beginner/budget guides? I do not know what to play!?
I remember a time when there was almost constant complaining about here that there was not enough beginner and budget friendly guides for builds. That the forum has lost touch with reality. That we are just a bunch of lazy elitists. If we look at the number of posted builds in total, the fraction of beginner/budget builds is still very small. In addition, in almost all of these high-end build - there is almost always at least one dude asking for budget options for gear, leveling guide, devotion tree etc. So I think that more guides is always better, since it will be easier for a new(er) player to find something they might enjoy playing.

Skills for the goal build

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Skills can only get +10 ranks above their so called “soft cap”, remember this. You can not see this in game, but do upload your char to Grim Tools now and then to see this.

You can hold down ctrl + shift in grim tools to see actual points spent in skill.

I think the skills for the goal build is pretty self-explanatory, so now I will mostly just mention some tricky stuff.

Markovian’s Advantage (Soldier)
An attack skill that can activate from both Cadence and Righteous Fervor. Here used mostly to get DA reduction for easier crits.
This DA reduction can not stack with that of Blindside or Crushing Verdict.
9/12 gives us max chance to activate it.

War Cry (Soldier)
Poor scaling beyond 12/12.
Break Morale just 1 point into it, for skill disruption. We have flat resistance reduction from Revenant devotion.

Fightning Spirit (Soldier)
Leave it at one hard point spent, or get it to 12/12 and keep it there. At rank 12 we get 3 target maximum on cadence, we can’t get more so leave it there.

Menhir’s Will (Soldier)
I sometimes see people invest in this skill even though it can’t be used on their set-up.
It can not be used if dual-wielding

Field Command & Squad Tactics (Soldier)
Aim to get Field Command in even ranks, to get armor bonus.
Squad Tactics is useless beyond 12/12 since we do not get more attack speed which is its main feature.

Oleron’s Might (Soldier)
The exclusive skill we use. Breakpoints for more OA is 16/12, 19/12 & 22/12. If you can’t reach next breakpoint, do not go “between”.
If/when we get more OA (say 3k without Ascension on) we can swap to Oathkeeper exclusive for pretty crazy +%crit damage, but now we need to make sure we can crit in the first place.

Military Conditioning, Decorated Soldier, Scars of Battle (Soldier)
Military Cond : 10/10 or 11/10 is enough.
Decorated Soldier : 1 point spent, we use it mostly for some slow res.
Scars of Battle : 1 point should be enough, but here I spent some more points for more Freeze and Stun duration when Ascension is off. You can tweak this depending on your gear.

Smite (Oathkeeper)
One point spent will give us 8/10 which is 24% chance of activating.
Not really sure if this actually adds damage or if its animation slows down your dps.
Try with and without it and see what you like.

Resilience (Oathkeeper)
This skill has several breakpoints, in particular for physical resistance.
For instance 5/12 and 6/12 gives same physical res and DA.
Make sure you are not in between breakpoints for best use of skill points.

Guardians of Empyrion (Oathkeeper)
You can actually control them with “pet attack” command that you can bind in your skill bar for have them focusing on the same boss as you are.

As mentioned earlier, rest of the skills are pretty self-explanatory.

Devotion tree for the goal build

Gear for the goal build

  • more later

Leveling tips

Stats to aim for


Videos :movie_camera:
20 seconds Alkamos kill is pretty good for a build made from freebie items and random crafted gear with magic affixes :stuck_out_tongue:

High-end Warlords with similar playstyle

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[] Beronath's Death Herald: 6:30 Crucible 150-170, no greens melee dw-Cadence Death Knight/Warlord by @mad_lee pretty much a straightforward continuation of this build.

[] Retaliation build - DW RF Warlord by me, does not use Cadence but instead Righteous Fervor and Retaliation damage that is added to attack.

For other Warlords, just check the build compendium for Forgotten Gods.

When your beginners build have 3.8k armor :rofl:

DW shields, southpaws may enjoy it!

Budget Warlord for southpaws!

Hmm I might do a guide for this one, I have no dual wield guide at all.
Good for me I have 2 warlord guides already that I can borrow information from

That is the beauty of not using shield and overguard and that stuff. One can charge up with fervor to get huge armor and attack speed. Also faction rings and medal gives good boost to Field command and armor

Very nice collection of builds. It makes starting this game a lot easier.



Note, now even Warden Krieg in Ultimate hits like a truck! For attempting Ultimate, you need to be pretty much close to the goal build. I.e. have almost as high dps, armor and resistances! This means that we need to farm in Elite a bit to “gear up” to prepare for Ultimate, and then we need to farm in Ultimate to prepare for end-game.

**Patch 1.1.4 HOTFIX **
Will not be shown in Grim Tools until around 8th August since Dammit is on vacation.

I will have made a preliminary list of relevant updates for all my guides and build sketches below. When Grim Tools gets updated I will make some of these things more specific.

Then I will add this information to each relevant guide of mine.

  • Faction - Blazerush: increased % Attack Speed to 22%, replaced bonuses and modifier for Grenado with support for Flame Touched.
    I have no guide where this item is used but a few sketches, but might be interesting to build around at some point (2H melee)

  • Faction - The Desolator: increased % Attack Speed to 24%, Defensive Ability to 55 and increased bonus to Flashbang to +3
    I have no guide where this item is used but a few sketches, but might be interesting to build around at some point (2H ranged)

  • Faction - Witch’s Moon: increased Frostburn damage modifier for Ring of Steel to 220, replaced Pierce damage modifier for Rune of Hagarrad with Cold damage
    Good news for Cold rune build! This means more flat damage to RoH and we might get a dps increase now when using this item over the other faction scepter!


  • Faction - Rancor: reduced % Physical Resist to 6%. Reduced % Bleed Resist Reduction modifier for Devouring Swarm to -10% and its Bleed damage modifier to 50. Increased bonus to Shaman Skills to +2 and reduced bonus to Devouring Swarm to +2.
    I have no guide where this item is used. From what I can tell, it did not get nerfed too much. Perhaps worth doing and testing that 2H bleed trickster I have in sketches.

  • Monster Infrequent - redesigned bonuses on all Monster Infrequent Belts. Each belt now grants +1 to a mastery and offers conversion.
    Cool stuff! No idea what the mastery skill bonuses are, but this can be very useful for almost all budget build guides and sketches!

    Conversion rates should be between 40% and 60% rolls.
    Ugdenbog Girdle
    Ugdenbog Waistguard (the new conversion can be good for the Lightning Ray mage hunter)
    Chains of Ygraad
    Chains of Ordas
    Chains of Brandis
    Gargoyle Girdle
    Gargoyle Waistguard
    Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard
    Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle

  • Monster Infrequent - Basilisk Fang: added 100% of Physical dealt as Acid modifier for Aegis of Menhir
    Fire Paladin needs to find another medal, I will make a list of good alternatives.
    Good new for “Blue” Aegis Sentiel. This means that physical retaliation damage will be more potent

  • Monster Infrequent - Korvan Storm Halberd: increased Cooldown Reduction modifier for Primal Strike to -0.7s
    This is good news for the Warder, the Savagery focused version that uses Primal Strike as “nuke”

  • Component - Bloodied Crystal: reduced % Bleed Resist to 12%
    Bad news, but very few of my build guides uses this component.

  • Dark One Set: added support for Shaman mastery skills throughout the set and its pieces
    Interesting for both Ritualists and Conjurers

    Seems that it is wendigo totem focused bonuses.

  • Harbinger of Souls: added Vitality damage
    Will make Phantasmal Reaper even more sick in damage! Also interesting for melee Ritualists. Considering this weapon Bloodrender and these faction items Bysmiel Vile Seal and Solael Mark of Blood plus the new changes to Dark One set I think we have a new budget build right here.

  • Rune of Hagarrad: reduced Point-Blank damage penalty to 25%
    This is 7% damage increase compared to the old 30% penalty! More cold rune buffs, yay!

  • Celestial Presence: reduced Radius scaling with rank to 4.0 by rank 12 (was 4.6), 4.5 by max ultimate rank. Reduced % Resist Reduction to 30% by rank 12 (was , 40% by max ultimate rank.
    This basically means that all Oathkeeper builds will loose some damage output

  • Eye of Reckoning: reduced % Weapon damage and Physical damage scaling at ultimate ranks
    Weapon damage and flat physical is already very small to begin with. Though it might be more beneficial to use Coven Storm Seal rings now in the Beginner Spinner - I have to do a new dps comparison

Arcanist stuff:
So many dope things!
- Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange: added % Elemental damage from Overload
- Overload: added Offensive Ability, moved % Elemental damage to Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange
- Elemental Balance: added Elemental Dot Duration
- Maiven’s Sphere of Protection: removed Damage Penalty
- Conversion: Slow Resist scaling increased to match the other Resists
- Mental Alacrity: increased Energy scaling with rank to 1200 by rank 10, 3025 by max ultimate rank. Increased % Cast Speed scaling at ultimate ranks to 18% by max ultimate rank.
- Fabric of Reality: added % Damage to Aetherials and Chthonics. Removed % Energy Leech

Oh no. Why Aether to Phys conversion? No good for levelling at least not before we got the amulet.

Sorry I copy pasted and forgot to change phys to ele :wink:

this is how the belt looks


Conversion rates should be 40 to 60%

So effectively, 13 to 20% aether to lightning conversion.

Oh nice!. DO you know where to farm them most efficiently btw? thought about Borrowholm Mine…

And in the meanwhile… my Mage Hunter is lvl 65 atm and got like 5k DPS buff from the changes. Now has 71.5k DPS

Yeah that is probably the place, and if you go there in a certain way, you can pass a few of them monsters too. But I farm the ugdenbog areas in general for flowers and they usually show up.

This is too bad. I was hoping for the acid to ele to remain.

Yeah that was also a useful conversion tbh.
What build did you use that belt on?

I was thinking of doing a warlock or more likely, deceiver, once I finish this skele-defiler purgatory I’m in. But then again, I still have an acid PRM warlock to make.

Hope you still can figure out a way to make those builds come true!

Personally, I am playing only 2 chars at the moment after my restart:

  • Lightning caster vindicator (will soon make Stormreaver build with it)
  • Mage Hunter AAR (level 82 now, will take her to level 90 then wait for GT to get updated)

Soon I will start a commando

When GT is updated, I will try to update all GT links for my beginner builds and testplay them - this will take lot of time and when I am done, 1.1.5 patch will be out and I have to start all over again :wink: lol

not just that, but there’ll be the new rogue dungeon where all the builds will be tested.

If it becomes a good farming location (per key spent anyways), then it’ll redefine the standards for working/good beginner builds.

as it is now, not all of the beginner builds can farm ancient grove in their presented stage.

so I will not factor in if they can do the new Rogue-like dungeon or not.

My definition of working beginner/budget builds are

  • Challenger cruci no buffs wave 150
  • SoT, BoC and PV and their associated Nemeses

Equipped with majority of faction, freebie gear with some MI’s with not too crazy rolls, and “random” green/yellow items