☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds


this is Alkamos

2.5k DA (black vertical line)

with 2.8k OA (black horizontal line) you have 98.5% PTH and you have like 8% chance to crit.

Since we attack him with AAR about 6 times per second, and storm box 2-3 times / second and Aura of censure 1 time per second (lets say 10 times second in total) this means we have about 1-0.92^10 = 57% chance per second to crit him at least once and activate Deadly Aim. In two seconds: 1-0.92^20 = 81% chance to crit at least once.

We also have DA shred on Storm Box and extra OA from Bard’s harp proc etc.

Mage Hunter build guide is completed!!! :smiley:

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Ok there will be hotfix comming up mid next week. This means that Grim Tools will not take those into account. Thus I will start updating the builds that is not affected by hotfix but only regular patch only. Then when GT gets updated (in 2 weeks?) I will get back to the other builds. Meanwhile I will just write about the changes in each build’s guide post.


I will also continue to level up my Mage Hunter from scratch, and post some more build snapshots and variations of it :slight_smile:

This is a sketch for what I will turn it into later:
weapon is just a place-holder, no idea what affixes I will get/use.
Belt is level 55 item, I need to find a better high level one xD

Note, I have played Grim Dawn for only 85 hours, I did a clean start - I deleted all chars, items, blueprints etc. I started a new char following my own Lightning Vindicator build guide and are doing some basic farming with it (like Rogue-likes and challenger crucible). Then I have started two more chars, one Mage Hunter and also a Commando :slight_smile:

The reason is that I wanted to play as a “beginner” again, for me this game is about the journey and the progression and improvement of builds using by building up an item bank - not about tweaking builds to do SR75+ or Glad Cruci 150-170 sub 6 min.

At last you found a pair of decent gloves by lvl 80 :slight_smile: Still the pants…

Pants sucks, but I have found some decent level 84 ones so soon they will get an upgrade :slight_smile:
They ones I have now give some res and physique so they are not terrible.
Overall, many items are left from level 50-55 so when I hit level 84 its gonna be almost a completely new wardrobe for her

Totally Normal Warlord for beginners
(sword and shield melee - physical damage)
Work in progress :hammer_and_wrench:

It will probably take a couple of weeks to finialize this since the patch did a lot of changes to the other guides which I wanna take care of first.

Here is a quick sketch of a sword and shield cadence warlord
pretty basic stuff in terms of components.
Freebie weapon (the mace that looks like a shield), helm, shoulder, rings, medal, chest, boots.
Pants use whatever good greens you can find, same with gloves as long as they have huge attack speed.
I have no affixes on belt or pants, no prefix on gloves and no suffix on shield (just shop Hyram until you get a good one with loads of physical resits)

Find stuff that gives est of resistances, DA and health you can cover with armor augments

If you can get at least 2.8k OA without Oleron and Ascension, you can switch to Menhir Bulwark exclusive skill for damage absorption or Divine mandate for lots of crit damage.

My build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWlebdZ nothing too crazy here in terms of affixes, just the basics: res, OA/DA and health.
Stats in-game with Deadly momentum and Ulzaad

As “always” reflected damage (internal trauma) is a bitch. Chaning to Menhir Bulwark can reduce this a bit, as well as some other ring augments and 3rd node of Owl. Might be worth considering while you start to know when reflected damage can occur.
E.g. this set-up has 20+28+15+10 = 73% reflected damage reduction https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M7XPQZ the set-up above has 48%.
This is a 52% total reduction of reflected damage taken. (you take 27 compared to 52 damage)

I should add that you can get a third movement skill using a medal augment.
I like riftstalker and bull rush from the lowest tier medal movement augments.

Despite higher sheet dps than the dual wield version I did here, the sword and shield version kills stuff much slower.
Do not trust the dps in game :wink:

Videos :movie_camera:

@malawiglenn, thanks man. It will be a long journey since I will be starting from scratch. So what will be the best route when starting this? 2H FW spam?

Yes forcewave spam is a good way to level any soldier based class with

@Ysengard I updated above with an actual build (I took a copy of my real warlord and did some quick GDstashing just to testplay it)

Malawiglenn, from which vendor was bought the Pulsing Shard? Also what’s the acceptable DPS for budget AAR?

The one in Port Valbury, he sells many nice MI’s :slight_smile:

I have 130k dps on my Lightning Ray so about that is nice to aim for

Thanks! I assume it’s Valbury, but always avoid that spot. I am yet to update to the new patch(no internet), but my aether budget AAR MH have 109k DPS. Probably higher with patch change.

Yes, I got to Valbury in normal/elite and do this shopping trick that I wrote in both shieldbraeker and mage hunter guide

yes without maiven damage penalty you get about 5% higher dps so about 122k dps which is nice

Yeah and RR from Haunt proc is nice. I tried farming Alex for his pants, nope :smile:

Btw I want to post chaos, but I don’t think there are cheap items with chaos RR.

Aleksander you need some skills to dogde meteor or fight him inside house so you can stand under doorway. But it is probably much faster just to farm challenger crucible for his pants. Wondering if Loghorrean shoulders can drop in crucible :thinking:

Chaos, you have symbol of solael

I am noob. Try to reposition under the roof to avoid meteor and he hit me with 10k .Panetti. Also Nulification is nice against him.

Symbol of Solael disrupt my AAR cast . But that and WoP are still ok for RR. Maybe will try that.

I have killed Aleksander about 15 times now with my budget vindicator. He got me once. Took 16k damage meteor in the head, big headache

you have 200% casting speed so should be quick to cast both WoP and solael skill

haunt relic also good for life leech RR, makes you heal better on bosses

I don’t have 200%, cause of Krieg hands, still high ofc. I’ve killed Alex with my Vindicator too, this time he got me. Plus aether build without much RR kills him slow.

Chaos AAR have transmuter. So MH again for the win!

Krieg Aether ARR, looking forward to that :slight_smile:

are there any budget items for chaos AAR?

Partial Krieg. Our friend the warden, before turning to full aetherial :smile:

I haven’t see much items for budget chaos sadly. Chaos is still neglected damage type.

I have two chaos builds in my sketches

Doom Bolt deceiver and Flames of ignaffar deceiver