☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Sounds good with the tags (I just thought it was amusing to use the “tags” introduced by the dude whoms name can not be uttered)

I mean “beginner-guide” is kinda obvious and modest.
How about “faction-gear” as one tag?

There is a tag limit of 5 unfortunately :sob:

I have room for one more :wink:

Tags can be -beginners build,leveling guide,faction gear,multiple characters and positive resistances :stuck_out_tongue:

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And now when moderators have gone over my guide collection, I could also consider “KGB approved” as tag.

Sounds good.

“faction-gear” now exists.

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I just figured a build collection is easier than to have them in separate threads, I am not a big fan of this forum layout

bit-sized thing to fix:

Thanks for finding spelling errors!
I will try to fix those later, I think 95% of the English-speaking population knows that it should read “deals” and not “dels” there :wink:

well, it does “del” enemies, if only a little slower than other mastery combinations.

yup, click and delete enemy. Broken skill

the true :zantai: build.

This is a little more frown-worthy. Isn’t it supposed to be savagery there?

Yeah that is not a typo, that is a brain-fart error which will lead to incorrect information. That one needs to be fixed ASAP thanks. Let me know when you have read the entire guide then I will fix everything you found!

Okay. I put them together, some may be a little nitpicky, so your call on how important they are to change, or if you want to change them at all.


(in 6.1 weapon)

  • Reset faction vendor inventory until it sells something that have has more than 50% damage conversion and more than +350% lightning damage.
  • DPS with Malmouth great sword is around 75-80k, with Storm Halberd 95-105k. keep it as greatsword in all instances.

(In part 6.4 gloves)

  • You can buy these blueprints from the secret vendor in Blood grove. He does not sell them 100% of the time so you have to visit him a few times to get it.

(similarly in part 6.5 boots:)

  • You can buy the blueprint from the secret vendor in Blood grove. He does not sell it 100% of the time so you have to visit him a few times to get them it or even just “may have to visit him a few times.”.

(in 6.6 belt:)

  • He does not sell it 100% of the time.
  • White Lotus Faction blueprint. Extremely good belt but requires you to be revered…

the “does not sell 100% of the time” pops up in legs and amulet as well.

(in part 12)

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When math teacher meets English teacher :slight_smile:

On serious notes which code do you use?Also how you make this lists,with dropping menus? I am tech guy,so don’t know how do anything of course :frowning:

<details><summary>Hello</summary>asdasdas</details> will look like:
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I use only BBC code,so look forward to improve my builds layout.

Btw, one can always quote the post and look at the formatting.

Stealing 101

Tech guy as well here.

In addition to what x1 said you could use bbcode


Keep in mind you have to quote the ‘whole’ post to see the formatting. This can be done in the editor by first replying to a post and then clicking the ‘quote’ button. Partial quoting of a post -by highlighting text and pressing the quote popup button- will not give you the formatting for certain things like ‘Details’ dropdowns. Tho it might show -light- formatting options for things that have been bolded or italicized.


To get the ‘Details’ dropdown @Nery wanted just click here:


Which gives you this to work with:

This text will be hidden

You can change where it says Summary to whatever you wish and This text will be hidden to whatever you wish.