Colours in tooltips

I wonder if it would be possible, and worth the effort, to separate “damages” in tooltips with colours.
Flat damages = only affects weapon… percentage affects everything, but…
some flat/percentages only affects that skill… some only affect Default Weapon Attack, some affects every other attack too, right?
If colours were used, like “original colour” = only affect that skill, red colour affect weapon, blue colour spells, green colour D.W.A, yellow = everything.
(18 cold damage + 24 elemental damage + +6% physical damage + +6% cold damage )

It could also be used for clearly mark the skills that are: Weapon Pool Skill
Maybe with different colour in name, or anyhow… I think it would be easier, and less people would need to ask the same questions… and people like myself would had to secondguess myself so much.

(Maybe someone else have brought up this idea, but… searching for color/colours gave a lot of threads to search… too many.)

Thank you very much. I tried it, but… I didn’t feel it was possible to get anywhere near the function that I would like to have.
This shows different kind of damage types with individual colour, but I would like individual colour for what attacks they affect, no matter if it is poison, vitality, electrocute.
A kind of shortcut for not having to switch from SKILL-window to CHARACTER-window to see if any values increased when adding points to certain skill.

This is the best you’re gonna get, I doubt you’ll get any official support for colors due to it’s effects with color-blind players