Combat Video!>1!! 4 Realz this time!

3 ghouls/zombies go AWOL

1 ghoul/zombie gets lost while path finding

preprepreprealpha FTW
Intelligent Ghouls! well some are intelligent

Whoever made the smart zombies kudos!

I’m being sarcastic and serious at the sametime, lol

Not sure if it was posted before but 17 pages are way above me right now

Zombies are pursuing NPC guards that you may have noticed earlier in the video…

Youtubes prank for april fools is pretty good looking on grim dawn

I see them but why place them there?

Why not behind the bridge and not in front of the bridge

Once again Medierra, you guys did great work on the color of those effects, I really can’t wait to see the alpha version of all these skills!

Will there be ground-crumbling / breaking skills, of course supplemented by some color fx?

Was just watching the video again, wishing I had a game such as this right now (why must I get bored with all my current games⸮), and I noticed:
a) That “wicked looking sword” really is a wicked looking sword! :smiley:
b) When the sword hits the ground it makes a wonderful sounding clunk!

The first half-dozen times I watched the video I didn’t even notice the sword, but now I don’t know how i missed it? Come to think of it, I guess I wasn’t really watching for loot when I first watched it, too overwhelmed with all the amazing… everything!

The mention of NPC allies at the beginning of the video got me wondering. Any chance there will be any really large battles where you are fighting with NPC allies? There were a few something like that in TQ, and I really enjoyed them, even if they were a little short. Maybe some where you have to hold out against a siege?

Would love to do stuff like that - it is all a matter of time though. We actually developed a very fun battle-mode for a TQ2 prototype at Iron Lore. I’d like to get something like that into Grim Dawn at some point either as part of the campaign or as a separate game-mode. Basically it had you fighting along streams of NPC soldiers attempting to capture strategic locations that helped your side gain strength and make progress across the battlefield. It even included siege weapons that you could take control of and turn on the enemy army.

That sounds like it would be a really nice option to break up the gameplay sometimes. Even if something like that had to wait until a DLC pack. I’m just happy to hear it’s being considered.

By the way, that was a quick response! 4 minutes, nicely done :smiley:

Awesome video, can’t add much to what has been said already. One thing I noticed though, at 0:42, the character uses the shockwave or whatever skill and a barrel outside the building explodes. In other words, a destructible object gets destroyed by an effect regardless of the non-destructible wall between the character and the object.

Now I’m curious, is this intentional? Will we be able to destroy objects and kill or harm enemies “through” walls with certain skills? Could actually be cool for tactics, and not even totally unrealistic. E.g. the wave at 0:42 seems to propagate in/on the ground, and some spirit effect could easily slip through walls etc.

good eye

maybe its because that particular barrel is at an open spot on the wall ?
there is a barrel next to it that is below a window and that barrel does not get destroyed, but the barrel that does get destroyed looks to me as if it is at an open space in the wall

Still waiting for my lightning strike to hit player and/or mobs Med… :wink:

Looks good, I can’t wait to get my hands on it, but I guess I will have too, lol, but I would rather wait then get a game that is not good.

Yeah, I noticed the barrel exploding as well. I would say it isn’t really intentional but also isn’t something we’ve thought was necessary to “fix”. On one hand, if some force or explosion occurred very close to a wall, it is possible something more fragile, on the other side, could be damaged by the shock even if the wall itself remained intact. On the other hand, it also isn’t detrimental to gameplay in any significant way, so if we decided to fix it, it would be rather low on the priority list.

It is happening because we have these rather complex level structures now with the houses built out of many pieces and having thin walls. It exposes the lack of precision in our hit-detection method where you can sometimes hit things that are very close to the wall. I wouldn’t say our hit-detection is any worse than any other ARPG but, in general, an ARPG doesn’t need hit-detection as precise as, say, a FPS. The more precise we try to make these interactions, the more of an impact it has on performance, so we only make them as precise as they generally need to be for the game to be fun and not overly exploitable. In a highly competitive FPS, if someone was able to kill you when they shouldn’t be able to, I think most people would be bullshit. In an ARPG if you explode a barrel or kill an enemy through a wall… well, not only to the barrel and enemy not care but they’re just one out of the billion enemies and barrels you’ll need to explode over the course of leveling up your character and collecting loot.

I also think there are always going to be little things that this that maybe aren’t perfect but which you don’t really notice while playing. I think oddities like this just stand out a lot more when you’re watching a video.

I would agree with the previous comments. I have no real problem with this behavior in this type of game. I’ve certainly seen similar issues with other games in a similar vein. Not a ‘deal breaker’ as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll throw in my congratulations along with the rest of the gang. The video is a very solid start towards the alpha release. The rest of the community has basically mentioned those things that I felt were a bit off, and than some. I didn’t even notice the sword until ya’ll kept bringing it up. Even then when I was looking for it I didn’t see, but I did hear it. It’s amazing how much information we pick up and assimilate in games just through hearing.

Of course, having said all that, I would be remiss if I didn’t give my thankfully meager list of observations. Please Note: I am acutely aware this is a PRE-alpha video. That does not mean my observations are to be misconstrued as anything other than helpful suggestions designed to help make the best game humanly possible. So without further ado…:

  • at 0:34 and 1:22, the solider uses a single target attacking skill. I swear to god it looks like an Austin Powers Mojo Hip Thrust(patent pending :P) What that skill is supposed to be, I have no idea. But the animation that produces it is at best lackluster for something that stuns and does damage the way it does. The soldier is probably putting more rage or energy behind the skill than the animation depicts, which is making it feel out of place for me.
  • the “blitz” skill at the opening has a poor finish. Meaning the animation of the soldier seems inconsistent with the force of a 3 meter run up and shield smash. I specifically am referring to the damage animation of the soldier when he slams his shield into the zombie. The animation should look like he put some real power behind the strike, where he’s leaning into the strike. Also, the sound effect of the shield smashing into the zombies face could be more resounding, more satisfying than the present sound effect.
  • Regarding the blitz attack, I think the turbo run works fine, but if ya’ll decide on a sliding run that too would work, I think. Provided the sliding part is near the end where the shield slams into the enemy. Else it would be more silly than cool, in my opinion.
  • At 0:22 the soldier unleashes a “yell” that kills all the weaker zombies. The only problem I had with this was that for something this cool and semi powerful, the animation and the sound effect were lackluster. The yell was more of a grunt, something I would expect of activating a sustainable ability, and the animation was barely noticeable. The animation was either completed too quickly or the movements need to be exaggerated a bit more to make their movements more obvious. When playing, I want to feel and see and hear the special moves. It was this attention to detail in TQ that got me hooked instantly. That and the wavy grass (swoon:P)
  • at 1:01 the big green gazer seems to teleport over the smaller white gazer in his attempt to escape. It is a strange effect that catches my eye every time. Not sure if that is a graphical glitch or its because of the demo recording. But I thought it might be worth mentioning. Also, the gazers need a bit more animation to make them feel more alive.

Again, please take my observations as suggestions rather than hateful nitpicking. I only wish the best for Crate, this game, and this community.

Nice looking good! Makes me wanna play so thats always a good thing. Thanks guys!!

Awesome. Nothing more one can say, to be honest.

I really liked how even regular, non-fatal strikes made the zombies recoil. It really gives your attacks weight and makes it seem like you are actually doing some damage.

I agree with most your observation, however, notice that the yell does not kill the weaker zombies. It knocks them all on the ground (you see them standing up later on). I missed this too at first. Regardless, I agree that the area knockback skill is a bit lackluster on the visual department.

Personal opinion 1: Medierra, try to use some video playing software that could play this combat video at 0.5X and 2.0X speed. I have tried that and in 0.5X, all physics motion (not looking at the game speed, just look at the speed when things such as gibs float in air or in motion)take longer time to stop and it is as cool as slow motion FPS like Max Payne. However, physics motion in 2.0X feels like each hit has more “Ohm” or GREAT momentum because object flies in a much faster motion. I myself loves slow motion very much in games but since this is an ACTION rpg, maybe the greater momentum and faster physics motion can bring out the player’s feeling of actually in ACTION. You might understand better what I am trying to express if you replay the video in 0.5x and 2.0x speed and observe the speed of physics motion. Maybe you would like to try to find a balance between faster or slower physics effect motion or give greater momentum to certain skills which are supposed to have greater ohm than others.

Personal opinion 2: Regarding the shield charge (aka blitz), i found 2 video from Youtube that shows quite cool animation of shield charge. Just think of it as reference to make blitz COOLER.

Link 1 :
Link 2 :

I think physics motion in Link 1 is slightly faster than the current grim dawn combat video. As for Link 2 no need to play it to the end because shield charge only appears in between 0:04 to 0:06.

Personal opinion 3: I LOVE the knockdown effect…I think it brings new dimension to the game compare to some old tricks to disable enemies such as freeze, stun, sleep etc because this time THEY ARE LYING ON THE GROUND! haha! Btw I thought I saw some CORPSE EXPLOSION in the video? Also enemies on the ground seems to still take damage and knockback from AOE skill, this makes it way cooler because: Imagine a uppercut that strike everyone into the air and into the minefield which explodes, sending them further or blowing them to bits. Maybe players can use this to make AOE knockback combo.

Personal opinion 4: Is there COMBOs now? Because judging from the hero’s animation and sound at 1:19 I thought the hero use 3 skills in a row within at most 2 seconds time. Or is it one mega skill that hits 3 times?

One last question: Do the monsters block the hero now? I mean can the hero still slip away from a circle of attacker surrounding him?

Hey Crate, just want to say thanks for all the effort your putting into this, It really shows and i’ve lost count how many times I watched it :smiley: So so awesome, one of my favourite parts is when he runs up to the door and smashes his way through!

Everything I expected and more! Thanks again

I saw the main page and immediately was excited. Then i watched the video. Now I need to change clothes and clean up a mess. THIS WAS F-ING AWESOME!!! pure win. Also at about 36 seconds into the video it appears that he straight up sparta kicks a monster across the screen, is that what is happening? Its kinda hard to tell because of the fire aura on him. If that is the case please add in the sound byte from 300 where he yells “THIS IS SPARTA”. jk but that would be hilarious. All in all amazing job but my one criticism is that the aura on that fighter should be toned down a bit.