Coming back after long time away...looking for build.

So I havent played this game in a LONG time. The last character I had was a pistol dude. My buddy wanted to start playing again and I was down. I wasnt sure what builds were up to date still.

Im looking for a build that is either 2hand melee focused or the rifle dude, those are my fav weapons. I had a scythe guy that was cool as well.

Any recommendations for an easier class to play that is good for starting out that uses either 2hand melee or rifle? Thanks all

You can try hybrid primal strike elementalist, he can use 2h male and 2h range weapon with minimal difference. Its easy to lvl up and its pretty decent for farming.

Go for a Bleed-based Warder. :wink:

Hmm not sure which to do! Thanks for the suggestions Im going to start playing today so will be making my decision soon.

I think rifle builds are in kind of a meh place, but 2h fire or primal strike are both decent

If you want to go 2h melee then go 2handed elementalist for sure. Insane class very tanky and absurd dps late game with items, functions fairly well without items too. Level with primal strike switch to savagery later for better single target damage when procs/devotions can cover the loss of aoe from primal. Also kewl lightning effects :stuck_out_tongue:

My point exactly.
P.S. Do you ever look your personal messages MR Tomo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys I think ill look into elementalist. Any recommended guides?

I was playing Witchblade yesterday since it was close to my buddies level. We were doing pretty well.

Check this out

Thanks for the link JoV.

Any recommendations for a ranged character? My buddy was wanting to play again he prefers ranged over melee, but he doesnt like summoner type builds.