Commando brainstorming, build help

Hello everyone!

My first character is a level 85 commando with both masteries leveld to 50. I’ve never been completely satisfied with the toon and it has been rebuilt from the ground up a few times.

I’m currently thinking of doing a rebuild again and I’m kind of into the idea of a pistol and shield user. Fire strike, shield buffs, flashbang and soldier survivability.

Now to my questions:

Are there any good equipment for this kind of character? Going through my stash there seems to be slim pickings.

Could you do a physical damage toon instead? How’s the equipment front here?

What kind of devotions would be good for a fire damage one, a physical one or perhaps a hybrid?

Any input would be appreciated.

The real question is why pistol + shield?

To do any decent damage you’ll need FS maxed and even then your DPS will be lower than pretty much any other build including sword+board. You’ll also struggle with mana issues early on due to FS being FS.

Personally it’s not something I would try to build but if you’re interested that’s probably what I would try.