Commando - need some help

Hi guys,

I have started playing GD recently, and made my first char - Commando, who is level 48-50 at the moment, Act IV, Veteran.

Tried initially Canister Bomb build, retaliation S&B build, but later switched to 2H rifle and i like it!

This is my current build - + Hydra and Kraken for more damage with my 2H Rifle. Almost no survivability talents yet, as on Veteran game looks easy: always stutter-stepping vs melee + avoid projectiles - works well in GD. We’ll see what will happen on Elite.

My goal is to make RDD damage dealer, where damage >> survivability. I prefer hit&run tactic over tanking plus i’m doing Softcore, so not afraid to die sometimes.

So the questions are:

  1. Taking into account i’m running Flamestrike build with no grenades and cocktails, is it worth spending 50 point in Demolitionist for Brimstone? Its damage looks underwhelming for a level 50 talent…
  2. If Brimstone is not worth it, then look at my Blast Shield - i took it + spent 7 core points to reach this skill… Was that decision bad? Maybe i should have stopped Demo mastery at 25?
  3. OR - are there any good skills in Demo which synergize well with Flame Strike and worth investing more than 25 points in Demo? Blackwater cocktail? Thermite mine? Mortar? Grenado? Do they perform better comparing to autoattacks with Flamestrike?
  4. What is the best synergy for 2H rifle Demo? Occultist for Brimstone buff?
  5. Who will perfrom better in the endgame? Commando or Pyromancer?
  6. If i should stop at current 32 points in Demo - what about Soldier? Should i max it for the Oleron’s Rage or no, as i am running fire build?
  7. Will this build work on Elite and Ultimate?


  1. Brimstone is the skill that makes the build.
  2. Max Blast Shield. One of the 2 best skills in GD. (Curse of Frailty.)
  3. Thermite Mine. Reduces resists. Can add a lot of damage against bosses. You can choose to go 1pt. and +skills or max. Useful either way.
  4. Occultist for resist reduction and Blood of Dreeg. Can go Solael’s Witchfire too.
  5. Pyromancer for the play style you are going for. You can use GDStash or GDDefiler to respec your character if you want to go the other way. Commando will have more survivability but the damage output is not close.
  6. Max Demo. Oleron’s Rage probably doesn’t help you.
  7. Almost any decently constructed build has enough to get through Elite and Ultimate and beat Ultimate Log. You may find some difficulty with some of the tougher/better farming content.

Also, if you stay with Commando you will definitely want Flashbang. If you go Pyromancer then then it’s personal preference as to whether you want Curse of Frailty, Flashbang, or both. But you want at least one of them.