compendium VIII is missing some builds

I am going on the compendium build to look for a build commando ranger I did not find it because the compendium it became look like a shit the one who merged the Compendium VII with the VIII have screw it up… >_<

Hey, if you’re saying it’s shit then you should point out why. Majority of the people who voiced out opinions for the compendium gave positive feedback. If you have a criticism then say it instead of just leaving ‘it’s shit’ comments. Pretty sure spanks could use some suggestions.

Anyways if you want a commando then click the ‘commando’ link, that’s easy.

im saying there is some build i didnt find them but before it was tehre on compendium VII when the VII is merged with VIII some builds are missing like commando 2h ranged :slight_smile:

Yeah, pretty simple to find the class you want now. They’re listed in alphabetical order so just click on Commando and you’ll be taken straight to that section of the compendium. Much easier than scrolling down/through all the classes to find the right one.

Builds may be missing because they’re outdated or don’t meet the criteria to be included.

It’s because they are most probably outdated in AoM. You should use compendium VII for pre-AoM builds.

You find all prior Build Compendiums via

oh thx i was looking for compendium VII. VII is better then VIII

So opinionated. Spanks’ compendium volume is great; if something hasn’t been updated in the last several iterations of the game it didn’t make the cut, not that it stops someone from browsing “archive” compendiums for out of date builds. No need to trash something that obviously represents a huge time sink for someone that put in work that they were in no way obligated to devote to such a task.