Complete Game Crash in Shattered Realms

Today i had 4 Crashes from Grim Dawn PC when i was playing Shattered Realm.

This is really frustrating because you lose all loot and miss the Opportunity to earn Waystones…

When are the crashes occurring exactly? What are the conditions?

Hi Zantai,

iam very sory for my late answer. I send all 4 times you a crash report with your own tool from Grim Dawn itself.

Conditions ingame where most of the time random. But always in the Shattered Realm Maps. Sometimes in Battle, one time in the dialog with the keeper to go to the next stage.

The time was random to.

Crashes are very rare at this point in the game’s life and can often be resolved on the user end with updated drivers, file verification, VC++ reinstalls, etc. Have you done any of that?

Hi Zantai,

thanks for your fast help and sorry again for my late response…

I reinstalled Grim Dawn and now seems to be everything fine…

Thanks again and have nice holidays and a happy new year!!! :slight_smile:

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