Complete text-searchable List of all Affixes?

Not sure where to ask, so i try my luck here:

as topic says im trying to find a complete text-searchable List (across all itemslots) of all Affixes that are in the game. (does the assetmanager provides a way to dump those into a file?)
So far i havent found any source on the web yet.

(im aware of GrimTools Database but thats not exactly wht im looking for neither does the Gui provides any convenient way to filter affixes independent from itemslot.)

Simply go here:
Community Localizations (v1.1.6.0)

…and download the zip file at the end of the OP. In it you will find a “tags_items.txt” file with what you are looking for. Then go into each of the expansion folders to look for similarly named .txt files.

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I think the only problem (it’s big though, I haven’t come up with a workaround for it) with GT Database is that it gives you max. 500 results so if you search for
“applies to”
you only get 500 prefixes/sufixes (they can be copied to text form easily)

but you can get at least all Legendary and Epic prefixes/and suffixes this way (if you filter them out on the bar above)

I have an idea for Magic and Rare, w8

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Ok, I know now how to get all the prefixes and affixes from GD Item Database

  1. Epic and Legendary -> there’s few of them so you only need to search for applies to and if you filter them out, you get all of them
    I even copied them to the files
    Epic Prefixes.txt (976 Bytes) Epic Suffixes.txt (484 Bytes) Legendary Prefixes.txt (26.4 KB) Legendary Suffixes.txt (5.8 KB)

  2. Magic and Rare -> search for (these are exclusive categories that give less then 500 results and should cover all the prefixes if I didn’t forget about something)

  • /%[\s\S]Applies to/
    • these are those that have the next to last line ending with %
  • ending with a letter is too big but we can split it into two groups
    • /[a-g][\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[h-z][\s\S]Applies to/
  • ending with 0 category seems to be to big so we split them in the following way
    • /[0-4]0[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[5-6]0[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[7]0[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[8]0[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[9]0[\s\S]Applies to/ SPLIT THESE TO RARE AND MAGIC
  • /1[\s\S]Applies to/
    • ending with 1
  • ending with 2 category is too big so we need to split it to
    • /[0-3]2[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[4-7]2[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[8]2[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[9]2[\s\S]Applies to/
  • /3[\s\S]Applies to/
  • /4[\s\S]Applies to/
  • ending with 5
    • /[0-5]5[\s\S]Applies to/
    • /[6-9]5[\s\S]Applies to/
  • /6[\s\S]Applies to/
  • /7[\s\S]Applies to/
  • /8[\s\S]Applies to/
  • /9[\s\S]Applies to/

If you copy the results of these ~20 searches, this should give you all the prefixes and suffixes and there shouldn’t be any repeats. Should be
Item prefixes2863
Item suffixes2992
in total. I should have been adding the numbers of results of single searches while making them this would confirm if the method was correct
but seems good, it would mean an average of 300 results per search

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Well, you could also pulled the affixes and suffixes straight from the localization text files too… they’re all in there. Every single piece of text in the game is in that download actually. :nerd_face:

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maybe cough :slight_smile: i forgot to mention a crucial point: i need them together with their actual stats, not just their names. targeted endstate is to have them all in excel (mho the proper location for overview & theorycrafting)

that is actually a clever idea and it works! gj!

So I listed the numbers of results of these searches
and after adding them in Calc I got 5844

whereas on main page you see
Item prefixes2863
Item suffixes2992

and if you add them you get 5855

so the method is clearly correct and just missed some affixes probably (ending with some different character?) or some other error
or maybe GT Tools counts them in some other way

I leave this puzzle to you :slight_smile:

[edit] got 1 of these 11:[^0-9a-z][\s\S]Applies%20to%2F&in_description=1&exact_match=0
“The Big One” ends with "

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