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Not sure if this is a problem caused by steam/grim dawn or a windows 10 thing.

Anyway the story is when grim dawn was released in full my computer would completely lock up upon quitting a game. Only way to make it work was to hold the power button to reboot pc. (Its an asus i7 desktop upgraded from windows 7 to 10). I unistalled all my Pc games and have up with them but the update with hidden path stuck my interest so I reinstalled. I have not had any freezing issues exiting games as of now but;

If my PC goes into hibernate/sleep mode nothing I do will wake it except the hold the power button to reboot. This is getting old as soon wont this kill my pc entirely? Some google searches has lead me to learn that HP laptops had this issue with windows 10. As I said I have a desktop and asus so is this an ongoing issue?

I have attempted to tell my computer to never sleep but it didnt listen?? Under power settings. I’ve opened command prompt as adminster and turned off hibernate? But it didnt and problem persist.

So can and computer genious tell me wtf?

I’m no genius here, but i just googled “windows 10 pc wont wake from sleep” and it seems a decent amount of people are having this issue, so im confident that this is NOT related to GD and is infact a win 10 issue.

Another thing does your pc sleep/ hibernate while in game(playing)? or after being afk for a minute?

On a side note The Hidden Path is quite out yet, next patch in early june :wink:

It does not fall asleep when playing game just afk. I have it setup to turn monitor off after 10 mins and to never sleep. As far as I know all my graphics card drivers are up to date. Using a nvidia gtx 560ti. Nothing special now a days.

Google found this

and in that thread, another thread with more suggestions

(and now for the snarky closing:
Good luck debugging windows beta. :wink: )

Think I solved problem. It is an issue with Steam. Every solution I read with windows 10 and hibernation did not work. Now when Grim Dawn was finally full release I had issues with the game locking my computer up upon exit. This got so old that I uninstalled it and steam. Well the world of Cairn called back and suddenly I start getting PC problems. It seems it only occurs if I have played grim dawn exit game then computer goes into sleep but won’t wake up.

A google search of “Steam sucks”. And I learned that people were having issues with steam and hibernation. So I adjusted my PC start up to not include Steam as well as when I exit Grim Dawn to also log off steam. Thus far my computer wakes up now when in hibernation! Hope this was it for good.

For me this just confirms that digital only sucks and posses to many issues, make a physical copy of Grim Dawn and I’d buy it and say good bye to steam forever.

You can buy from GoG for a drm/Steam free version of the game and play unfettered from 3rd party influence if you like. Multiplayer however does not give you access to the people who play mp GD on Steam. I think its something they are looking into it but its been awhile now so I don’t know the state of affairs on that. If you are a single-player only type then you are golden.

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Or if you’re a Kickstarter or GD website backer you can swop your Steam key for a GOG one.

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