Conduits that are worse than meme options

The following options can’t even be considered memes because they have zero support. They’re just a waste of a conduit slot if the player crafting them ends up choosing these options in the blacksmith.

Acid Trozan’s Sky Shard
Arcanist just doesn’t have any good Acid options for armor. No skill bonuses in Acid gear for Arcanist in general, not just Trozan’s Sky Shard. We already have the Acid Devastation conduit, which at the very least has a single helmet that provides bonuses, but there’s nothing notable about this conduit. Also an aside, there’s the Putrid Necklace which converts a whole bunch of damage to Acid which is just better anyway. Maybe we can resurrect an old build and make it Piercing Trozan’s Sky Shard instead?

Acid Canister Bomb
We already have Fire to Acid conversion in the Acid Fire Strike conduit, so there’s nothing unique about this amulet. We can make it really spicy by adding Retaliation Damage to Attack to this conduit so that you can add it to Retaliation Grenado for a meme Retaliation concept that converts Fire Retaliation to Acid.

Cold Judgment
We also have a Fire to Cold conversion in the Righteous Fervor and Summon Guardian conduits, so unless you’re trying to add conversion redundancy, there’s nothing supporting this conduit either. There’s quite a bit of elemental support with Heart of Wrath, so maybe add a bit of Frostburn damage to it so it can be used as a DoT nuke? The damage reduction is a nice touch, but it’s just too lacking otherwise.

Aether Ring of Steel
There’s already 2 other Piercing to Aether conduits, so unless you want to use it as a 1-point devotion proccer for Aether builds, there’s not much of a point to this one. There’s an off-hand that combines both Cold damage and Bleeding damage, maybe you’d want to add a bunch of Frostburn damage to Ring of Steel and aim for a double DoT style build instead?

Aether Counter Strike
What exactly are we trying to accomplish with this? Aether retaliation? The Chaos Counter Strike conduit was silly in of itself, but at least it has some supporting gear for it. Aether Counter Strike, I mean yeah you can convert Physical Retaliation to Aether but are we expected to do that? I’d say turn it back to Lightning Counter Strike as you can use it as a stepping stone until you get the Dawnseeker’s Light set (which conflicts with it anyway so there’s no BiS issue to worry about).

Lightning to Acid Wind Devils
All this really needs is one more source of Lightning to Acid conversion (preferably on a belt) to turn this from a meme option to a fairly good option. So far, the only source of Lightning-Acid conversion is the Dunefiend’s Set, which wants nothing to do with Shaman. With enough green magic, you can get Acid Savagery to work, so perhaps you can find some gear to provide Lightning to Acid conversion and bolster it a bit.


I think this has use for DR after flat cdr buff.

Aether ABB is more logical than this one for sure, atleast you can get skill points with greens.

Fot others; +1

While we’re on the topic of conduits another one I have barely ever seen in use is the lightning bone harvest one.
Imo to make the BH conduit truly interesting to build around why not make it a conversionless “spam BH conduit” similar to the DB spam one we have? Ofc with a -tdm mod and maybe a little less range.
Just some food for thought. :tada:


Acid canister bomb works pretty well. I did it on an acid sorceress for the missing builds thread, and the extra poison damage was significant. I suspect a more acid focused version could do quite well.

The conduit gives you 2000 base poison damage over 5 seconds. 10/10 Improved Casing gives you 1180 trauma over 5 seconds, and 12/12 Canister Bomb gives you 416 burn over 2 seconds.

I thought the Demo that converts TMines to cold was a bit lacking:

Mines already give cold rr and 50% convert is pretty easy to get on a belt. How often will you push Hellfire anyways? - points are usually wanted elsewhere.

It seems like it should include a convert a of few more basic skills like Vindictive just to make it worthwhile. Or maybe include Blast shield and work in a bit of % cold retal.

Edit: However, since I’ve not seen any discussion…are there builds that use this to good effect?

What exactly do you define as meme…

I mean…yeah? That’s the idea. That’s why the bonuses on the conduits are so wildly disproportionate compared to typical modifiers.

Maybe, but that won’t get you that sweet green FX, so it’s automatically weaker.

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I define meme as an option you technically can build around, but requires significant expenditures in loss of damage in order to accomplish. A perfect example is Vitality Panetti’s. You technically can build around it and have the skillpoints to make it a major damaging skill, but that’s only because there’s that Epic set that gives like 7 points to Panetti’s in only 2 slots.

I’m a stickler for having my major damaging skills reach close to the hardcap (or at least at their final breakpoints like maximum projectiles from something like Canister Bomb or Ravenous Earth), but the following conduits make it physically impossible. There are no good gears for Acid Arcanist except Putrid Necklace which takes up the amulet slot. Same with things like Acid Demolitionist. Some conduit options are just completely redundant (why take Aether Ring of Steel when you can get the same conversion from Aether PB?) Other gear just doesn’t have any good slots that give bonuses like Nemesis MI’s that we’re using fantasy greens just for the sake of it.

In short, I don’t want to use my sweet FX just to serve as a one-point devotion proccer. If the bonuses end up far outstripping what you’d get by normal means and you have to use Cold gear to make Acid Trozan’s work, that’s one thing, but even I have my limits as to what I’m willing to stash compared to how realistic the item will drop in game (like I assume a green MI that has Lightning damage will drop Lightning affixes, and won’t randomly generate 2 Acid affixes).

Them having the same 25% conversion seems like a weird reason to call them redundant.

I think you’re expecting too much from the conduits.

I only used this one for its 16% DR on Octavius builds lol.

Chaos CT: ???
Add CT skill points on some MI shoulder or change the flat chaos damage modifier to % total damage modifier plz.
Just look at the Aether FOI one, that works just fine.

I 2nd that one.
Chaos CT push doesnt feel enough sadly.
And lack of skill levels on items for it isn’t helping either :frowning:

Putting together Rimetongue atm and this reminded me that a vit. blade trap conduit for nightblades exists that doesn’t rly work (on a lot of bosses) afaik.

I was wondering if it could please get the same -55% reduced entrapment duration as Rimetongue so we can actually play vitality traps. :partying_face:


55 % is a bit too much considering one requires an entire 4-piece set while the other just takes up the amulet. But getting it to more than 3% effectiveness against Nemeses sure would be peachy. Same goes for the OFF conduit. 55 % is overkill but somewhere between 43-45 % sounds like a good number to settle on.

iirc the -55% doesnt even trap nems & such for more than 1-2 sec at best
dont think it’s overkill:

anyways, we can both agree that it would be nice if it actually worked for endgame. :slight_smile:


As opposed to OFF, one can push down the BT cooldown to 1.x seconds, resulting in a kinda stuttered perma-trap. Saying 1-2 sec is a lot with this skill.