Confused with Reaper class

Someone please help me understand what this class combo is trying to do?
It seems a mess, at odds with its self. I am trying to play it dual wield style. I am feeling like none of it makes any sense. Do I concentrate on aether /vitality? Or cold? all three? Or poison /acid from Nidalla’s Hidden Hand? All five??

It’s just a mess of Aether, Vitality, Cold, Poison, acid, pierce …What direction do I go in? On one hand if I ignore vitality /aether, I waste the benefit of Spectral Binding and Spectral Wrath. I can’t ignore Spectral Binding as it’s a huge health boost. Ignore the aether /vitality buff /debuff it offers? That seems like a waste of points. On the other hand if I go the way of Vitality /Aether, and use Reaping Strike, now I wouldn’t use Nidalla’s Hidden Hand? but then Merciless Repertoire is largely wasted.

And cold doesnt go with Aether and vitality, I mean gear doesnt tend to come with both or all three.

I’m level 41 now and feeling like the class combo is a mess of damage types, and it doesnt make any sense.
I’ve respeced umteen times and none of it is particularly effective to me. Typical Nightblade gameplay, but it feels meh. WHere’s the synergy? Where there IS synergy…there’s also conflict. cold, acid and poison go great together with Nightblade, but then you got aether and vitality with Necromancer and it’s just a mess. So I logically look at which damage type to ditch but then that screws up everything.

Then there’s the loot. I’m trying to level with random green trash. Nothing good drops. This stopped being fun hours ago.

thats my WiP its cold/vit 2h, not sure about gear, but theres at least direction in damage types

Thank you.

So it would appear the answer to my conundrum is stop trying to dual wield. But then…what do you make of the Deathguard set:

This set is what made me try this class combo. But it doesn’t make sense really.
something like that maybe? ignore the devotions

I have been struggling to make a Reaper make sense too, but like you i can’t seem to find the right class skill combos for it to work effectively. I was also thinking the same set and i guess if you wanna DW you will not use the Harvester of Death modifier. But again with Hood piece you get your cold dmg to acid dmg. Also the +skills point in the set do not make much sense in a build i think.

I don’t get it wither how this class combo could work really…

i’m going for a mostly cold based 2H reaper. might change plans as i go. no idea what sets and special items i might find at later stages. so far, 2H works nicely, but i’m only halfway through veteran so far :slight_smile:

my current build (around level 36 or so) looks something like this right now:

might end up something like that eventually:

of course, that’s just WIP. might change wildly. with enough +skills bonuses, i could see a viable DW build that mainly uses bone harvest and ABB to get the flat damage from the modifier nodes and uses the NB WPS to actually apply all that pain.

Thanks much. All comments are helpful.

Some sort of Phantasmal Blades build perhaps ?

Utilizing Spectral Binding/Spectral Wrath and Harbinger of Souls from Necro as well as picking up stuff like Pneumatic Burst, and Veil of Shadow/Night’s Chill from Nightblade ?


Try to use Deathguard set, guys.

This one seems like a good place to start. Kudos!

You have alot of bonuses to all kinds of different damages with this setup, but who cares, It’s all about the Acid Damage! With 2 deathguard blades, you have a 90% conversion of Vitality damage to Acid, which is pretty sweet. and the Hood converts 100% of bone harvests cold to acid as well.

The build is far from perfect, but this is about what you could try for. Set blade burst as your rightclick attack, so it’s easier to keep Lethal assault up at all times when attacking, and you should be good to go.

haven’t looked at the new sets and stuff yet, but it’s good to know that there’s a DW set for the reaper.

still, kinda weird that they made a DW set for the build with a main attack that doesn’t even scale off both weapons. strange design, imo.

i guess a DW build around nighblade WPS that uses low rank ABB and maxed lethal assault buff and low rank bone harvest with maxed soul harvest for the flat damage could work all right with just selffound stuff for levelling.

but imo, using 2H seems like the obvious choice until you get your hands on some crazy items that make other options viable (which may actually never happen if you play selffound)

The set converting damage makes it all make sense, ya. thank you.

I guess I’ll stick to a 2 handed necromancer set up till I get the set. Not sure what else to do with it. The skeles blow ass without summoner gear. Blade Burst…have to see if I have any Blade Burst gear.

This is my work in progress on a Reaper build, I went for a kinda Vampire build, alot of his damage will heal him, he has low hp though and defence isn’t massively high, resists aren’t too bad.

Wondering if the sheer amount of on hit hp gain will actually keep him fairly healthy but I suspect you would run the risk of getting 1 shorted often, has Shadow Strike for Gap closing and kiting or jousting

Ravenous Earth! Ditched Bone Harvest for it…much better, awesome damage. After I discovered it, the slog turned into smooth going.

Edit: nevermind, the reaper build i posted here is incapable of dealing with Malmouth content in ultimate.