Congatulations on the GOG release!

Congratulations on your release!

The game was much anticipated by the gog-community. Hope it sells like mad!

Grim Dawn 10% off and DRM free on


How about our keys ?


uhhh, guys, what a cold breeze here…

It’s Crate releasing their awesome game on another platform. Not only for those few that whined and cried for a DRM free version but
also for a whole new big community that is thankfull to have this game now in hands.
I think all the work crate put in it is worse a thanks and gratulation whatever platform you appreciate by yourself. :cool:

The count of people being online and logged in speaks against it for me :undecided:
(there are many different timezones on earth)

Considering it’s a Friday, I would assume most people are at work, school, or whatever. I don’t think any uproarious applause is bound to happen for a while yet. :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely at least a thumbs up for them for going above and beyond though, considering the GOG release seems to have been an afterthought.

To show my appreciation to the devs, I just bought a GOG copy as well…

yeah. i just did the same thing. After all of Crates hard work i don’t mind doing it again. I hope i can use my DLC code from my Loyalist Tier Backing on GOG and NOT steam however. So glad Grim Dawn is finally on GOG.

Out of curiosity, are save games from steam version compatible with GOG version since the save folder is in Documents/My Games?

Just wanted to say thank you for GoG release, I can never bring myself to buy steam games (personal preference, no offense) so I was really hoping this would happen. Very excited, and now it is time to play!

At last! After all these years, I can finally play :smiley:

I bought a Legendary Edition for $70 way, way back in the early days before Kickstarter.

But I’m not sure how to download the game. Could some kind soul please tell me how I can download the GOG version without having to pay for it again? When I add it to my GOG cart it asks me to pay for it before I can download it :o

Also, will my Legendary key still work (it’s a 32 digit code)?


I don’t see any reason why they won’t be compatible, the game is exactly the same (minus the Steam DRM) only the delivery method is different.

Hello Mr. Speaker Tiptoe!

I am not too much into this, but maybe it helps:

Grim Dawn is now No. 1 on the populars list on GOG, right before Stardew Valley.
And still 8th position on the steamspy trending list.

Take that Stardew Valley!