Consider putting up a game demo!

60k players online! Congrats Crate!

Now on to topic, I think its best if you set up a free demo of the game, I believe this will help people in deciding to buying the game! :cool:

Like give the entire Act 1 as a playing ground of a demo! The game has already been out for many years! It’s about time! :wink:

+1 on this

Haven’t they just sorta done that with a free to play weekend? :confused:

I am a little perplexed as to why they haven’t published the PAX Demo from the Early Access days. Seems like it’d be worthwhile, but I assume there’s some steam bullshit clogging up the ease of doing so.

should be long term akin to diablo 3 demo and some other titles.

which areas in the game did they include in that demo?

Think it was about 20 minutes/half an hour.

You mean like a free weekend?

Otherwise no. Demos take development time for little actual gain.

Consider the 2 hour Steam refund policy to be a sufficient demo.

According to this:

“The Grim Dawn booth saw regular crowds gathering around our TV, featuring the gameplay from one of the demo machines. Players got to explore the visually updated Wightmire, the dank Undercity and the Aetherial and Dermapteran-infested Rotting Croplands. The truly brave got to face off against the Dermapteran Queen Ravna.”

My guess is that demo, assuming it still even exists, is pretty outdated and clunky compared to what a new one would look like. Remember that demo was around the B24/25 releases. We’ve come a long way from those.

thanks medea! I really appreciate that you take time in replying to my noob and mostly useless questions.

@Zantai fair enough! Then better hold on to all your monies. You would need that to fuel the next
Expan…cough… sio…*cough … n…:wink: