Considering character movement (v1.0.3.0 suggestion)

  1. However I love this game, and it is certainly the best ARPG ever, the character movement always feels for me something like walking in an ice-field sliding on the battlefield here and there.

Modifying the animation to actually balance the speed, or reducing the base velocity of the characters would be sufficient enough to overcome this issue.

  1. Casting skills seemingly removes my equipment aka my character goes unarmed while casting a spell. It just blow me out of the atmosphere and the continous gameplay. Please consider it to be armed while casting.

I would be so happy to check after these in the development of 1.3 patch.

Thank you and keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

1)Assuming you’re not experiencing lag while playing multi-player.
Unfortunately the fixed targeted camera is dependent on the looping run animations with a basic movement speed. Any further adjustments in this aspect would create something close to screen snapping because there’s no camera follow smoothing.

2)There are various cast/skill animations that are set to hide the weapons/off-hands.
Imo, many of them look good with the “hide callback” removed (I’ve tried).
Some create clipping on the character. Others look strange when launching an object from the same hand as the weapon…Then there are a few animations that have the player model’s hands open up; making a weapon look like its…glued to the hand.