Constant constant crashes the last 2 1/2 days

ok the last 2 1/2 days grim has been crashing every single time I get in a fight with more than 7 mobs. It doesn’t do the usual ‘report to crate about the crash’ the crash is total and complete and I have to do the three finger salute (Ctl Alt Del) to get out of it. Its not me because this has never happened until recently and there has been no ‘update’ or ‘steam update’ so I have no idea what is causing it. ???

Verified game installation, updated graphics driver? There’s various potential causes but noting your operating system and hardware specs will help. If it is consistently reproduce-able it shouldn’t take too long to isolate the cause.

Without a steam or game update, unfortunately that does mean the issue lies somewhere in your system that has changed, which could be as simple as verifying the installation to updating drivers/repairing VC++ redistributables, etc.

ok I deleted everything I had had any contact with in the last 4 weeks and I had my browser delete or disengage from any link cookie or whatever that I had acquired in the last 4 weeks then I uninstalled all my games and Steam itself and then rebooted and then reinstalled steam and my games and that seems to have done the trick.

ok it happened again so I am going through the process of updating every driver I have it will probably take awhile.

Here’s a guide on using the Windows Event Viewer - which in your case I highly recommend. Become familiar with it and set it up to parse the viewer to show Critical System Errors that coincide with the time of your crash. In other words play until you get a system crash and then once you reboot check the Event Viewer for the most recent Critical Error that matches the time it crashed.

Then either search Google for whatever information the error log gives you or post it here. It can be quite helpful in determining what the real issue might be. It should be noted that frequent system crashes such as you are describing are usually a sign of a hardware problem of some kind, ie. overheating, driver problems, or impending hardware failure.

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During the last few game sessions during multiplayer we get a Black screen and the game freezes up. Can not close the game without Crtl Alt Del or PC restart. Has happened to both of us, just happened to my friend twice in 15 mins.